Former Ambassadors and Consul-Generals


April, 1879

The first honorary Vice Consul, Dr Hu Shi Ze, a Singaporean, was appointed and the Consulate was set up at North Bridge Road. (The Consulate was temporarily closed on the demise of Dr Hu Shi Ze.)

January, 1889

The first Japanese Acting Consul, Mr Tsunejiro Nakagawa, was assigned and he took up his office at the Consulate at Sophia Road.

May, 1919

The Consulate was upgraded to the Consulate-General.

October, 1952 - March, 1964

Consulate-General was reopened. Since then, the following Consul-General had been assigned:

April, 1966 - Now

The Consulate-General was upgraded to the Embassy level. Since then the following Ambassadors have been assigned:

* Not the same person