Greetings from Ambassador Jun Yamazaki

Ambassador of Japan to Singapore Jun Yamazaki
I arrived in Singapore on 13 October as the Ambassador of Japan to your country from my previous posting in Sweden.

Approximately twenty years ago, I was responsible in the Foreign Ministry for Southeast Asia region. I am deeply impressed by the further advancement that Singapore has made in its role as the hub of trade, finance and transportation. Today, I am happy to say that over 36,000 Japanese citizens are residing here. As the Ambassador of Japan, I will strive to work hard to make their lives here as comfortable and safe as possible.

Japan and Singapore enjoy a strong and close relationship in various fields, including political, economic and cultural fields.

Politically, this year coincides with Singapore’s Chairmanship of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). In light of this, I will continue to strengthen the friendly and cooperative ties between our two countries.

Nearly 1,200 Japanese companies have established and strengthened their regional head offices in Singapore, in order to strengthen their business activities in the Indo-Pacific region. The Embassy will continue to provide assistance so that these business activities may run smoothly.

Singapore is also a hub from where much information is shared throughout the ASEAN region. In order to benefit from such a position, we established the Japan Creative Centre (JCC) in 2009 to spread the true flavour and culture of Japan. Since JCC will be celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2019, we are currently planning various events to commemorate that year. It would be our pleasure if you could visit and experience those events.

I am committed to deepening the relationship between Japan and Singapore. I hope that I can move forward on this endeavour together with all of you.

October 2018
Ambassador of Japan to Singapore
Jun Yamazaki