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Greeting from Ambassador Kenji Shinoda

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Thank you for visiting the Embassy of Japan website.

My name is Kenji Shinoda and I arrived as the Ambassador of Japan to Singapore on April 7th.

My utmost interest as an Ambassador is to ensure that all Japanese citizens residing and working in Singapore are able to actively play a part in their own field of work in an extremely safe environment. At the same time, I would like to further enhance the already fruitful relationship between Japan and Singapore in the field of politics, economy and culture, especially when we are celebrating the 50th year of diplomatic relations this year.

The fact that Singapore is the hub for transportation and information in the ASEAN region or rather the Asian region, I sincerely hope to strengthen the cooperation and relationship not only between Japan and Singapore, but Japan and ASEAN as well.

Our Embassy website consists of information regarding consular matters, Japanese Government policies as well as exchanges between Japan and Singapore. As for our Japan Creative Centre website, we introduce numerous Japanese cultural exchanges organised by the centre therefore, please feel free to browse both websites and enjoy reading up on our daily affairs.

Furthermore, we will try our very best to listen to your voices as we strive to make both Embassy and JCC’s website better each day. Thank you.

April 2016
Ambassador of Japan to Singapore
Kenji Shinoda