(ⅰ)General Affairs Section:

General administration, protocol

(ⅱ)Political Section:

Political issues (home / foreign affairs) of Singapore, Japan-Singapore bilateral relations, etc.

(ⅲ)Economics Section:

Economic issues of Singapore, support for Japanese organisations, promotion of Japan-Singapore economic and tourism exchange

(ⅳ)Security Section:

Security and safety related matters

(ⅴ)Administrative Section:

Secretariat and accounting

(ⅵ)Consular Section:

Services for Japanese citizens: Application/collection of Japanese passports, issuance of various official certifications, entry/exit notifications, etc.
(For consular webpages on Japanese citizen services (in Japanese only), please click here)

Visa for foreigners wishing to enter Japan for short- or long-term stay.
(For visa webpages (in English only), please click here)

(ⅶ)Japan Creative Centre (JCC):

Introduces the Japanese culture, provides information about Japan, support for research on Japan and the Japanese language, matters relating to the Japan Foundation, communication and public relations, offers Japan-related books, magazines, videos.