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Japanese Calligraphy & Culture Showcase


October was a lively and vibrant month, as we held a multitude of events to celebrate the different aspects of Japanese culture. It was an opportunity for everyone to discover the unfamiliar, such as Kyogen, Kochi Prefecture and Yuzu, and lesser-known prefectures of west Japan. Not to mention, there was the calligraphy exhibition at the Luxe Art Museum and the series of highly successful calligraphy workshops at JCC, Our Tampines Hub, and Chua Chu Kang Community Club. We hope that these compelling events were able to spark people's curiousity and interest in something new.

As the year transitioned into November, we held two engaging MUJI events touching on textiles and skincare. This is our second time collaborating with MUJI, following last year's skincare workshop. These have proven to be highly popular, and we look forward to holding more of such events. Our ongoing contemporary art exhibition, A bird in the garden, a cat in the room, has just opened at JCC. Be sure to join us for the Artist Tour on 11 November, to learn more about the intriguing concept of Mitate!

Director's Message


What a pleasantly busy and fulfilling month October has been! This past month has seen us present a variety of events that ranged from Ikebana and Kyogen demonstrations, to talks on Japanese home technology and healthcare. We also had special events that highlighted products from certain regions, such as yuzu from Kochi prefecture, and MUJI skincare made with water from Iwate prefecture. October also saw the opening of ‘A bird in...(Click here to read more)

JCC Events

JET Programme Information Session 2017

We had the pleasure of hosting members from JET Alumni Association (JETAA) Singapore as well as ex-JET participants for the JET Programme Information Session 2017 at the Japan Creative Centre (JCC) on Friday, 6th October 2017. The briefing was well-attended by many who came to learn more about the Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Programme, and the experiences of those who have been on this unique programme...(Click here to read more)

JCC Cinema 61: Kamome Diner

A second screening of JCC Cinema 61: Kamome Diner, a movie that celebrates Finland’s 100 years of independence and the close friendship between our three countries was held on Saturday, 7 October 2017 at Shaw Theatres – with the venue kindly sponsored by Shaw Organisation. This joyful occasion was graced by H.E. Ambassador Kenji Shinoda and Ambassador of Finland to Singapore H.E. Paula Parviainen. Asanoya Bakery...(Click here to read more)

Kochi Prefecture presents Yuzu

Guests at Japan Creative Centre (JCC) were treated to a riveting presentation about Kochi prefecture on 11th October 2017. Mr Akira Endo, from the Kochi Representative Office in Singapore, introduced the beautiful nature, festivals, the good relationship between Kochi Prefecture and Singapore in sports and Manga Koshien etc. and fresh produce from Kochi. Yuzu was the highlight of the talk, as Mr Akira Endo introduced the history, uses...(Click here to read more)

The Future of Housing: Creating comfortable and safety homes with new technologies

A lecture on the future of housing: creating comfortable and safety homes with new technologies was conducted at JCC (Japan Creative Centre) on Friday, 13 October 2017 in collaboration with Daiwa House Malaysia. A total of three speakers – Mr Daisuke Usugi of its Managing Director, Mr Akihito Kawahara, Branch Manager of Daiken Corporation Singapore, as well as Mr Tan...(Click here to read more)

Next Destination in Japan

The Next Destination in Japan Seminar was held at JCC (Japan Creative Centre) (Embassy of Japan in Singapore) on Saturday, 14th October 2017, in collaboration with West Japan Railway Company (JR-West), The Japan Council of Local Authorities for International Relations, Singapore (J.CLAIR), and Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme Alumni Association Singapore (JETAASG). Many guests, including members from airlines, travel...(Click here to read more)

An evening of laughter - Kyogen in contemporary time

On 17th October 2017, audiences were given a rare insight into Kyogen, one of Japan’s four oldest traditional performance genres. First, Kyogen performer Mr Doji Shigeyama, gave the audience an introduction to the history of Kyogen and explained its unique points that differentiated it from Noh, Kabuki, and Bunraku. Although it can intersect with Noh, Kyogen is beginning to be seen as a standalone genre. After demonstrating some basic...(Click here to read more)

Fight against diabetes -Efforts on diabetes in Japan and relationship with oral care-

On 19th October, JCC and Sunstar held Diabetic Seminar in order to share some of the initiatives in Japan to fight against diabetes and the importance of oral care to maintain the whole body health. Sunstar is a pioneer in championing the bidirectional link between diabetes and periodontal disease. They collaborated with Joslin Diabetes Center, the world's preeminent diabetes clinic &...(Click here to read more)

Opening of Japanese Calligraphy Exhibition in Singapore at Luxe Art Museum

The opening ceremony of Calligraphy Exhibition in Singapore by Japan Calligraphy Art Academy was held on Friday, 20th October at The Luxe Art Museum. This exhibition is co-organised together by Sunstar and JCC (Japan Creative Centre), Embassy of Japan in Singapore. Mr Desmond Tan, Chief Executive Director of the People’s Association, graced the opening as the...(Click here to read more)

Japanese Calligraphy & Culture Showcase

Japan Creative Centre (JCC) held a series of Japanese Calligraphy and Culture Showcases on Saturday, 21 October with Sunstar and Japan Calligraphy Art Academy showcases across 3 locations – JCC, Our Tampines Hub (OTH) and Chua Chu Kang Community Club (CCKCC). Together from morning to evening, our Ambassador H.E. Kenji Shinoda also visited all the venues trying out the calligraphies and interacted with the participants...(Click here to read more)

Opening Ceremony of A bird in the garden, a cat in the room

Japan Creative Centre (JCC), Embassy of Japan in Singapore, had the pleasure to host the opening ceremony of A bird in the garden, a cat in the room, a contemporary art exhibition series showcasing works by Mr Tetsuro Kano and Ms Adeline Kueh, on 27th October 2017. This exhibition revolves around the theme of Mitate, a concept that is deeply rooted in the Japanese context, and literally means looking closely to select something...(Click here to read more)

The Making of MUJI Products - Textiles

Co-organised by JCC (Japan Creative Centre) and MUJI, a compelling talk by Ms Mieko Nagasawa (General Manager, Apparel Division/Planning & Design Creation Office, Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.) was held at library@orchard on Saturday, 28th October 2017. Ms Nagasawa covered on three main topics revolving around MUJI Textiles, including the ideology behind the making of MUJI products, the usage of Organic Cotton, one of...(Click here to read more)

MUJI Sensitive Skincare Talk Event & Workshop

A special talk and demonstration on sensitive skin, co-organised by JCC and MUJI, was presented at the Central Public Library on 1st November 2017. Ms Adeline Tan and Ms Jade from NYLON Singapore, Ms Hiroko Miyao from Ryohin Keikaku Co. Ltd., and Ms Yvette Chiang from the Singapore Spa Institute shared with participants care and maintenance tips for sensitive skin. At the centre of this event was MUJI’s Sensitive...(Click here to read more)

JCC Related Events

Undiscovered Gems of Japan Grand Prix

Mrs. Yuko Shinoda, wife of Ambassador of Japan, and Ms. Akiko Sugita, Director of JCC, participated as judges for an event "Undiscovered Gems of Japan Grand Prix" on 6 October 2017. In this event selected Japanese agricultural products were elaborately incorporated into Singaporean style cuisine by the top chefs of the restaurants in Shangri-La's Rosa Sentosa Resort. The power of collaboration between the best Japanese...(Click here to read more)

Opening Ceremony of JAPAN TRAVEL FAIR 2017

H.E. Ambassador Kenji Shinoda attended the opening ceremony of JAPAN TRAVEL FAIR 2017, organized by JNTO Singapore (Japan National Tourism Organization Singapore: Executive Director, Mr Masatoshi Miyake) at Singapore TAKASHIMAYA on 6th October, 2017. At this exhibition, 15 tourism-related companies and organisations from Japan and 12 travel agents from Singapore showcase fascinating Japanese tourist...(Click here to read more)

Singapore Sogetsu Association Charity Gala Dinner

Singapore Sogetsu Association held a Charity Gala Dinner to celebrate their 51st anniversary on Friday, 6th October 2017. Proceeds from the dinner went to CARE Singapore, a charitable organisation that aims to maximise the potential of at-risk youth. The grand ceremony was attended by H.E. Ambassador Kenji Shinoda and Madam Yuko Shinoda, as well as guest-of-honour Mrs Mary Tan, wife of the former President of the...(Click here to read more)

Singapore Sogetsu Association Exhibition at Takashimaya

The opening of Singapore Sogetsu Association’s exhibition of Ikebana art works was held at Takashimaya last Thursday, 12 October 2017. The exhibition, entitled “Hana Hana: Sogetsu Ikebana Awakening” was attended by H.E. Ambassador Kenji Shinoda and Madam Yuko Shinoda. All the artworks on display were carefully crafted by the members of the association under the theme ‘Inspiring’. After his welcoming remarks, H.E. Ambassador...(Click here to read more)

Nihongo de Asobo 2017

On 21st October, Nihongo de Asobo 2017 was held at the Japanese Association Singapore. All participants enjoyed the games related to Japanese language and culture! His Excellency Ambassador Kenji Shinoda, Madam Shinoda and Jenn En Yee, President of JUGAS (Japanese University Graduates Association of Singapore) also participated and enjoyed the fun games together with the participants...(Click here to read more)

JET Programme Information Sharing Session at NUS and NTU

A Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Programme Information Sharing Session was held at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore (NUS) during the evening of Thursday, 24th October 2017 and at the Lecture theatre 23, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) during the evening of Wednesday, 25th October 2017. The programmes were organised by The Japan Council of Local Authorities for International...(Click here to read more)


Visit by Togo Elementary School students

A group of 20 Togo Elementary School students from Tottori City visited JCC (Japan Creative Centre) on 9 October 2017. JCC Director Ms Akiko Sugita and JCC staff Mr Kwok Shi Hao, welcomed the students and introduced the background and culture of Singapore, as well as the functions of the Embassy of Japan and JCC...(Click here to view more)

Visit by Unebi High School students of Nara Prefecture

Students from Nara Prefecture’s Unebi High School visited Japan Creative Centre (JCC) on 19th October 2017. Second Secretary of Education, Culture, Science & Technology and Sports, Mr Masanori Kawabata, whose hometown is also Nara, introduced some facts about Singapore, and also explained to the students about what JCC and the Embassy of Japan in Singapore do in Singapore. As it was their first time in Singapore, the students...(Click here to read more)

Visit by School of Science and Technology students

71 students and teachers from Singapore’s School of Science and Technology visited Japan Creative Centre (JCC) on 23rd October 2017. Ms Akiko Sugita, the Director of JCC, gave them an introduction to the functions of JCC and the Embassy of Japan in Singapore, and went on to explain in further detail the culture, the school life, and how Japan learned a lesson from its environmental problems in the course of the rapid industrialisation in the 1950’s...(Click here to read more)

Visit by Mr Iwao Horii, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs

Mr Iwao Horii, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, and his delegation visited JCC (Japan Creative Centre) on 24th October 2017. Accompanied by Ms Akiko Sugita, JCC Director, Mr Kazunori Matsunaga, JCC Deputy Director, and Mr Masanori Kawabata, Second Secretary of Embassy of Japan in Singapore, Mr Iwao Horii was welcomed by artists Mr Tetsuro Kano...(Click here to read more)

Visit by Mr Mitsuhiro Miyakoshi, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister

Mr Mitsuhiro Miyakoshi, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister, visited Japan Creative Centre (JCC) with his delegation this morning, on 28th October 2017. Accompanied by Mr Kazunori Matsunaga, Deputy Director of JCC, and Mr Masanori Kawabata, Second Secretary of Embassy of Japan in Singapore, Mr Mitsuhiro Miyakoshi was introduced to JCC and the activities and events organised by JCC and the Embassy of Japan in Singapore...(Click here to read more)

Visit by Ms Kyoko Maya

Japanese actress Ms Kyoko Maya dropped by Japan Creative Centre (JCC) on Tuesday, 31st October 2017. She spoke with the Director of JCC, Ms Akiko Sugita and viewed the exhibition ‘A bird in the garden, a cat in the room’. The exhibition ‘A bird in the garden, a cat in the room’ will be showing until 18th November 2017 at JCC...(Click here to read more)

Japanese Cultural Fact for November

© Yomiuri/AFLO
Culture Day

November 3 is Culture Day, a national holiday. It was on this day in 1946 that the present Constitution of Japan was officially announced. To commemorate this event, the date was made into a holiday two years later to foster the ideals of the Constitution - the love of peace and freedom - through cultural activities. The Constitution did not actually come into force until May 3, 1947, though, and so there's a separate national holiday, Constitution...(Click here to read more)

Science & Technology Information in Japan

© Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Success of H-IIA F36 Launch with MICHIBIKI-4 Aboard

The H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 36 with the MICHIBIKI No. 4 onboard lifted off at 7:01:37 a.m. on October 10, 2017 (Japan Standard Time) from the Tanegashima Space Center. The launch vehicle flew as planned, and at about 28 minutes and 20 seconds after liftoff, the separation of the "MICHIBIKI No. 4" was confirmed. (Click to read more)


© Akihiro Ikeshita
H-IIA F37 with SHIKISAI/TSUBAME onboard to be launched on December 23

The launch schedule of the H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 37 (H-IIA F37) has been decided to be between 10:26:22 thru 10:48:22 a.m. on December 23 (Sat), 2017 (Japan Standard time). The launch will be performed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and JAXA. H-IIA Launch vehicle No. 37 incorporates JAXA's newly developed outcome to insert SHIKISAI and TSUBAME into different orbit altitude respectively. It will expand opportunities of multiple satellite launch and take full advantage of the capability of H-IIA. (Click to read more)


© Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
"Invisible" Solar Nanoflares confirmed by ultra-high sensitivity observations

An international research team led by Dr. Shin-nosuke Ishikawa (Project research fellow of JAXA) succeeded in detecting the subtle signs of nanoflares (tiny flares) in a region of the solar corona where no discernible flare activity was taking place. The finding was made by a combination of hard X-ray data from FOXSI (Focusing Optics X-ray Solar Imager) sounding rocket experiment and data from Hinode solar observatory. The frequent occurrence of nanoflares has been regarded as a promising agent for maintaining the solar corona at a high temperature of several million... (Click to read more)


Sixth Global Summit of Research Institute Leaders

On September 30, in connection with the annual STS forum, leaders representing twenty national research institutes from twelve countries—Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States—came to Kyoto to participate in the Sixth Global Summit of Research Institute Leaders, organized by RIKEN and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). (Click to read more)


Random movements help color-detecting cells form the proper pattern

In fish and other animals, the color detecting cone cells in the retina are arranged in specific patterns, and this is believed to be important for allowing animals to properly sense their surroundings. Now, in research published in Physical Review E, an interdisciplinary group of physicists and biologists have used a mathematical model to determine how the cone cells in zebrafish—a common experimental fish model—are arranged in a specific pattern in all individuals. It turns out that small defects in the patterns lead the cells to arrange themselves into only one of two possible patterns that might otherwise emerge. (Click to read more)



New mutations in iPS cells are mainly concentrated in non-transcriptional regions

Induced pluripotent stem cells—stem cell-like cells that have been reprogrammed from normal body cells—are a promising avenue of regenerative medicine, and are currently being tested in several clinical studies. However, there are concerns that the mutations that arise in these cells during their generation could potentially cause problems in transplant patients, in particular malignancies. Consequently, researchers are keen to understand the nature of the mutations that arise in these cells. (Click to read more)



Halting liver cancer with a sugar look-a-like

Researchers at the RIKEN Global Research Cluster in Japan have discovered a way to prevent the spread of cancer in the liver. Published in the journal Cell Chemical Biology, the study details how treatment with a modified fucose sugar can disrupt a biological pathway, which in turn blocks hepatoma—cancer cells in the liver—from invading healthy liver cells. (Click to read more)


At tremendous precision, the proton and antiproton still seem identical

A new super-precise measurement from the RIKEN-led BASE collaboration, which also includes researchers from the University of Tokyo, Japan, the Max Planck Institute for nuclear physics, Heidelberg, the University of Mainz, the University of Hannover and GSI Darmstadt, Germany, has placed new constraints on the difference between matter and antimatter, as part of the quest to discover why our Universe is almost only composed of matter. Using a novel two-particle measurement method, the group measured the magnetic moment of the antiproton at a precision 350 times higher than any previous measurement. The result, published in Nature, shows that the magnetic moments of the proton...(Click to read more)


Activation of immune T cells leads to behavioral changes

Scientists from the RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences in Japan and collaborators have found that T cells—immune cells that help to protect the body from infections and cancer—change the body’s metabolism when they are activated, and that this activation actually leads to changes in behavior. (Click to read more)


Blocking key pathways is a way to defeat cancer cells

Scientists from the RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences in Japan and international collaborators have found that in humanized mice, a cocktail of drugs blocking certain key pathways is effective in eliminating acute myeloid leukemia (AML), a disease which is estimated to kill more than 250,000 people a year around the world. (Click to read more)


© Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

SAKURA Exchange Program in Science (SSP) by JST

Asia is undergoing a period of dramatic progress. Promoting science and technology is a key engine to materialize a bright future of Asia and it is vitally important to enhance the exchange of Japanese and Asian youths who will play a crucial role in the field of science and technology. Based on this concept, “Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science” (SAKURA Exchange Program in Science) is the program for enhancing exchanges between Asia and Japan of the youths who will play a crucial role in the future field of science and technology through the close collaboration of industry-academia-government by facilitating short-term visits of competent Asian youths to Japan. (Click here to read more: Website | High School Student Special Course Videos | Pamphlet)


© Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
Miraikan -Exhibition Guide

Miraikan is a place where we can understand the things happening in our world today from a scientific point of view, and have discussions while considering the future that awaits us. In addition to exhibitions that provide people with a chance to enjoy hands-on contact with science and technology, Miraikan's colorful line-up of offerings includes experienced based classes, and talks. Visitors can experience the technological progress of today, from simple day-to-day questions, to the latest technologies, the global environment, space exploration and...(Click here to read more: Website | Video)


© Japan-ASEAN Science, Technology and Innovation Platform (JASTIP)
Japan-ASEAN Platform for Transdisciplinary Studies

Since FY2015, Kyoto University has launched “Japan-ASEAN Science, Technology and Innovation Platform (JASTIP): Promotion of Sustainable Development Research” within the framework of the Collaboration Hubs for International Research Program (CHIRP) 2015 funded by the Strategic International Collaborative Research Program (SICORP) of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). This project promotes research that can be...(Click to read more)


© Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED)
FY2017 International Collaborative Research Program for Tackling the NTDs (Neglected Tropical Diseases) Challenges in African countries

This program will be implemented at universities and other research institutes both in Japan and African countries to achieve the goal of controlling NTDs. The program covers research and development in the medical and public hygiene fields, including from basic research to the establishment of methods for diagnosis, surveillance, prevention, drug discovery and treatment. It also includes research on proposing policies and operations...(Click here to read more)


© Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED)
Singapore A*STAR is offering various scholarship

Singapore A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research) with whom AMED signed the Memorandum of Cooperation is offering various scholarships such as:

  • SIPGA: Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award
  • ARAP: A*STAR Research Attachment Programme
  • SINGA: Singapore International Graduate Award

    These scholarships welcome international students, including who are from Japan. Please visit the links above for further information. (Click here to read more)

  • Education Information in Japan

    © Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
    Guide book "Student Guide to Japan"

    "Student Guide to Japan" is an essential book for international students planning to study in Japan.

    (Click to read more: English | Mandarin)


    © Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
    Pamphlet on Scholarship for International Students in Japan 2017-2018

    "Scholarships for International Students in Japan 2017-2018" contains details about scholarships provided by various organisations that have responded to a questionnaire survey carried out by JASSO. (Click here to read more)

    Free student counselling at the Embassy of Japan

    Our new Student Advisor Ms Regina provides free student counselling for people interested in studying in Japan. The counselling will be held at the Embassy of Japan, 16 Nassim Road, Singapore 258390. No appointment is necessary. Please call 62358855 if you have any queries. There will be no counselling sessions on Embassy holidays. (Click here to read more)


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    Job Hunting Guide for International Students

    Job Hunting Guide for International Students 2018 was released by Japan Student Service Organisation (JASSO). (Click here to read more)


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    Japan Alumni eNews Vol. 102 October 10th, 2017

    Japan Student Service Organisation (JASSO) publishes Japan Alumni eNews every month. The contents are as follows:

    1. Life in Japan by Photo
    2. Alumni News
    3. Academic News
    4. Business News (Job Hunting)
    5. Visit Japan
    6. NIPPON Information
    7. JASSO News
    8. From the Editor

    © Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
    Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)

    The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) is used to evaluate whether international students who wish to study at the undergraduate level at universities or other such higher educational institutions in Japan possess the Japanese language skills and the basic academic abilities needed to study at those institutions. (Guidelines for the 2017 EJU | (Click here to read more))


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    Study in Japan Fair

    JASSO holds Study in Japan Fairs outside Japan with participation of Japanese universities to provide information on study in Japan to high school students, university students and educators.

    Target: High school students, university students and graduate students.
    Exhibitors: Japanese universities
    (Click here to read more)


    © Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
    Search for Japanese schools (graduate schools, universities and junior colleges)

    Information related to application qualifications, major field of studies, medium of instruction and on-campus scholarships of Japanese graduate schools, universities and junior colleges is available for searching through Excel files posted online. (Click here to read more)


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    Study in English at Japanese university

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    EDU-Port Japan

    EDU-Port Japan is a public-private, nationwide initiative to proactively disseminate Japanese-style education overseas by providing a platform from which the public and private sectors collaborate in achieving this objective. The platform is supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and many other organizations including NGOs and private businesses.
    (Click here to read more)

    Upcoming Events at JCC

    26.11.2017 STORY TIME: Smile On Everyone's Face! Play on traditional Japanese paper drama, Kamishibai by Nomarin
    25.11.2017 - 09.12.2017 The Circle of Life: An exhibition by Takanao Todo and Justin Lee
    28.10.2017 - 18.11.2017 A bird in the garden, a cat in the room: An exhibition by Tetsuro Kano & Adeline Kueh

    Supported Events

    08.12.2017 International Conference on Japanese Language Education, Singapore 2017(Corporate Registration) English | Japanese
    27.11.2017 - 30.11.2017 Asian Intercultural Conference 2017 @ The Esplanade – Theatres On The Bay

    Related Events

    02.12.2017 28th SGIFF: In Conversation | Koji Yakusho @ ArtScience Museum


    ■ The Japan Foundation grant program for FY2018 (Japanese / English)
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