Visa Application Procedures (During COVID-19 Period)


"Long-term Resident" Visa for Japan PRs with expired Re-entry Permit (Click here for details)

※Applications will only be accepted until 30 April 2023.
<Required documents for the visa application>
 ・Application Form
 ・Petition letter
 ・Valid Passport(Original)
 ・Singapore ID card (Front&Back Copy)
 ・Residence card (Original + Front&Back Copy)
 ・Copies of last departure date stamp from Japan, Re-entry Permit sticker, “Disembarkation Card for Reentrant” (front & back) *Light yellow card stapled in your passport
 *If the above are attached in your old passport, please also bring it along for submission
 ・General processing time for this special visa may take up to 1~2 months for approval to be granted.