Embassy Activities Report


The Reception to Celebrate the Birthday of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan (2017)

The Embassy of Japan in Singapore celebrated His Majesty Emperor Akihito’s 84th Birthday on the 1st of December at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore. The Island Ballroom was filled with many distinguished guests who gathered with His Excellency Ambassador Kenji Shinoda and Guest-of-Honour, Singapore’s Minister for Finance, His Excellency Minister Heng Swee Keat to celebrate the occasion.

Speech by Ambassador Shinoda

Speech by Minister of Finance Heng Swee Keat

Minister Heng Swee Keat and Ambassador Shinoda

At the Ceremony

Food and beverage producers from Japan kindly offered their specialties at the reception. These included Japanese Red and White Wine from GRACE WINERY of Chuo-Budoushu; from Norin Chuo Kinko, Stork Natural Rice, Okinawan Shekwasha Juice and Japanese Sake from Japan Gastronomy Club and ARTISAN CELLARS; from Kumamoto prefecture, Ban Pei Yu Citrus, Prime Tomato and Strawberry, and Japanese rice served as rice balls; from Fukui prefecture, Echizen soba; from Iwate prefecture, “Hitomebore” Japanese rice served as rice balls, and Japanese sake (Nanbibijin); rice balls from Samurice; 5 different types of sake from Niigata Prefecture; from Ibaraki prefecture, Japanese Sake from Yoshikubo Shuzo and Aoki Shuzo, octopus and squid; sushi from Restaurant Nami; from Kirin Holdings, cooling Japanese beer Ichiban Shibori; from Nissin Singapore, Japanese ramen and potato chips; from Kagoshima prefecture, Honkaku Shochu Liquor, sweet potato chips, and clay pot rice; from Fukushima prefecture, peach juice, peach liqueur, Japanese Sake, vegetables and fruits; from Hokkaido prefecture, “Yumepirika” rice served as rice balls, and Hokkaido Zweigelt Red wine and Hokkaido Kerner white wine; handmade sweets from ABC Cooking Studio Singapore Pte Ltd; from Shizuoka prefecture, green tea from Harada Seicha; authentic Japanese sweets from Minamoto Kitchoan; and healthy super vegetable drinks and multi-berry drinks from Sunstar. These Japanese delicacies received high praises from the guests.

We also received continuous kind support from Singapore Sogetsu Association, Ohara School, and Ikebana International Singapore Chapter 135 for their Ikebana arrangements.

Live demonstration of fish cutting by Mr. Yamazaki, chef for Ambassador

Ikebana Flower Arrangement by Ikebana International Singapore Chapter 135