For Travelers to Japan (Entry/Re-Entry to Japan)

     If you are boarding an aircraft arriving in Japan after midnight Japan time on 29 April, valid vaccination certificate or pre-departure test is not required.
※ Those entering Japan with symptoms of suspected COVID-19 infection will be tested upon arrival. Furthermore, those who tested positive will be required to quarantine at a designated facility.

※ You may use "Visit Japan Web" for immigration and customs.
⇒You can refer to Visit Japan Web here.

If you have further queries, please contact:
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (for information about quarantine)
From Japan:0120-248-668 (only Japanese)
From overseas:+81-50-1751-2158(Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)
                        +81-50-1741-8558 (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)
(operation hours:all year round/ 9:00-21:00JST)