For Travelers to Japan (Entry/Re-Entry to Japan, Pre-depature test etc.)

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When traveling to Japan, you are required to have a certificate of COVID-19 test conducted within 72 hours before departure of Singapore. Based on the Quarantine Act, you will not be allowed to enter Japan if you do not bring a certificate. Please be sure to bring the PRINTED VERSION of digital PDT certificate, provided by clinics approved by the MOH※ (Click here for the PDT information (Singapore govt, website)). You do not need to have it notarized by the MOH for the purpose for entering Japan. For the latest Singapore Government requirements and FAQs on the use of notarized digital PDT certificate for travel, please refer to
(※)A certificate needs to include; Name of Person, NRIC/FIN Number, Passport/Travel Document Number, Nationality/Citizenship and Date of Birth. The test should be “RT-PCR” and the sample needs to be done by “Nasopharyngeal swab” or “Saliva”method. It also should include; testing date and time, name of clinic that conducted the test, result (negative), name of laboratory that reported the result, date of when the result was notified, name of the doctor who conducted the test, MCR No of the doctor, and QR code for verification.
In addition, you are required to undergo a COVID-19 test upon arrival, but no payment nor pre-registration is required.

Regarding the “Written Pledge”

To all who is entering Japan, you will be asked to pledge to not use public transport for 10 days, stay at home / designated facility for 10 days, record your location for 10 days and to cooperate in providing your location information to Health Center, etc. There will be enforcement actions against a bleach of the pledge.
​ ▶  “Written Pledge” (English)
Regarding the Questionnaire

To follow up your health for 10 days after entry to Japan, your email address, phone number etc., will be confirmed at quarantine station. You can register these information on questionnaire online
 ▶ Measures to deal with the new type of coronavirus Questionnaire response reception


In order to carry out the pledge, you need to have a smartphone on which you can install necessary apps such as My SOS and COCOA. If you do not have such a smartphone, you will need to rent one at the airport at your expense.
  Important Notice (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

<For more details, please contact below>

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (for information about quarantine)
From Japan:0120-565-653
From overseas:+81-3-3595-2176(Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)
(operation hours:9:00-21:00JST)