For Travelers to Japan (Entry/Re-Entry to Japan, Pre-departure test etc.)

1. From 1 March 2022, foreigners will be allowed to enter Japan under special conditions (e.g. Business trip or Work / Long term stay). Your stay in Japan will have to be guaranteed by a sponsoring company/organization based in Japan. For the first step, your sponsor in Japan needs to apply for entry through Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System(ERFS) (you cannot apply for yourself). If you have queries about the application process, please have your sponsor contact the call center.

​【Call center (ERFS)】
050-1751-2158 / 050-1741-8558(Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)
(Operating hours:9:00-21:00JST)

If the application is successful, you will be given a "certificate for completion of registration (registration certificate・受付済証)" so that you can apply for visa at the Embassy of Japan in Singapore as the next step.

For visa application process after you complete the process above or for eligible applicants with the special exceptional circumstances(e.g. Spouse of Japanese/PR), please click here 

2. When traveling to Japan, you are required to have a certificate of COVID-19 test conducted within 72 hours before departure of Singapore. Based on the Quarantine Act, you will not be allowed to enter Japan if you do not bring a certificate. Please be sure to bring the PRINTED VERSION of digital PDT certificate, provided by clinics approved by the MOH※ (Click here for the PDT information (Singapore govt, website)).
(※)A certificate needs to include; Name of the traveller, Passport/Travel document number, Nationality/Citizenship and Date of birth. The test should be “RT-PCR” and the sample needs to be collected by “Nasopharyngeal swab” or ”Saliva” method. It also should include; testing date and time, name of clinic that conducted the test, result (negative), name of laboratory that reported the result, date of when the result was notified, name of the doctor who conducted the test, MCR No of the doctor, and QR codes for verification. Please note that Antigen Rapid Test is not accepted.
All travelers including recovered travelers from COVID-19 are required to undergo Pre-departure test to enter Japan. If you are a recovered traveler with an infection record of COVID-19 prior to departure and have difficulty obtaining a valid Pre-departure test certificate due to a positive test result, please contact the Consular Section of the Embassy of Japan ( (If you are a traveler in recovery and can obtain a tested negative result or if you have not obtained PDT test result yet, please do not contact the Embassy).

3. From 1 June 2022, travellers from countries in the Group Blue including Singapore will not be required on-arrival test and isolation at their residence or self-secured accommodation.
Click here for more details.
However, if you have stayed in any country belonging to the Group Red or Group Yellow within 14 days before entering or applying for landing to Japan, higher ranked framework will be applied to you as per the chart below. 

If you have further queries, please contact:
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (for information about quarantine)
From Japan:0120-565-653
From overseas:+81-3-3595-2176(Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)
(operation hours:9:00-21:00JST)

【Valid Vaccination Certificate for 3.】
A proof of vaccination must indicate; name of the traveller, date of birth, name of the product/manufacturer of vaccines, dates of vaccination and number of COVID-19 vaccine doses. As such, “Vaccination Certificate (HealthCerts)”, "COVID-19 Vaccination Report (acceptable only if you can prove your NRIC/FIN and date of birth by a document issued by Singapore Government*)" and “COVID-19 Vaccination Card” as well as vaccination certificate issued by Japanese Government are acceptable. Please make sure that you meet all the requirements before departure if you want to be granted the concession. You do not need to wait for a certain period after you get the 3rd dose.

Vaccination Certificate 

・SingPass is required for the certificate.
Notαrise - Digital authentication and endorsement for travellers (

COVID-19 Vaccination Report 
・SingPass is required to download and print a hard copy.
・You also need to present any document issued by Singapore Government on which NRIC/FIN is shown (e.g. identity card for Singapore national, PR or passholder or  "Visit Pass and Embarkation Form") to prove your date of birth, which is not indicated on COVID-19 Vaccination Report.

COVID-19 Vaccination Card

Written Pledge
All travellers entering Japan will be asked to submit a written pledge. There will be enforcement actions against a bleach of the pledge.
​ ▶  “Written Pledge”
To follow up your health after entry into Japan, your email address and phone number etc., will be checked at the Quarantine Station. You can register these information on questionnaire online
 ▶ Measures to deal with the new type of coronavirus Questionnaire response reception

【Fast Track】
By using the Fast Track, you can pre-register for airport quarantine procedures and complete some quarantine procedures before you enter Japan.
 ▶ Fast Track ( 
【General Information】
  Important Notice (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

<For more details, please contact below>
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (for information about quarantine)
From Japan:0120-565-653
From overseas:+81-3-3595-2176(Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)
(operation hours:9:00-21:00JST)