JCC E-Magazine March 2016

Ms Misako Ito, Mr Bruce Osborn and Mrs Yoshiko Osborn, Mr Shinobu Ikuta and
Mr Jimmy Loh from Olyumpus Singapore at the Oyako Opening Ceremony


The month of February welcomed a series of interesting, exciting and special events. JCC hosted a Welcome Back Reception for the JET Programme Returnees, followed by the OYAKO: PRESENT TO THE FUTURE ~ A Parent-and-Child Photography Exhibition by Bruce Osborn ~ a commemorative event to mark the 5th year of the occurance of the 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake. We also had our monthly movie screening with the film "Key of Life".

Towards the end the month, JCC organised a Dance Performance Concert by the CONDORS at Temasek Polytechnic which received an overwhelming response from the full house audience.

We also welcomed several visits from Japan including the Mayor of Kaga City Mr Riku Miyamoto, Members of the Kyushu Women's Festival and Kashiwa
Nittai High School. More interesting and exciting events will be coming your way so please stay tuned to our April E Magazine for more reports on JCC events!!!

Director's Message

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Director's Greetings

March is a month of departures in Japan. Schools hold graduation ceremonies, sending off students to their next stage in life and government offices closes its fiscal year. In addition, with a heavy heart, I have to share that our Ambassador Haruhisa Takeuchi is leaving Singapore for Japan after his much devoted diplomatic service for 2 years and 5 months here.  On behalf of all our staff at JCC, I would like you, our readers and friends of JCC, to join me in bidding farewell to our Ambassador...(Click here to read more)

JCC Events

HE Ambassador Haruhisa Takeuchi
holding the SJ50 Logo with the JET Returnees

Welcome Back Reception for JET Programme Returnees 2016

The Embassy of Japan and CLAIR Singapore hosted a reception for the new returnees of the JET Programme at JCC (Japan Creative Centre) on 2 February 2016. His Excellency Ambassador Haruhisa Takeuchi, Mr Kenjiro Hashimoto, Director of CLAIR Singapore, Ms Yeo Yi Hua, President of JET Alumni Association Singapore and distinguished guests from various Japanese-related organisations in Singapore...
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During the ceremony event.
~ A Parent-and-Child Photography Exhibition by Bruce Osborn ~

On Friday, 19th February 2016 we had the pleasure to host a commemorative event to mark the 5th Anniversary of the 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. The showcase entitled, ‘OYAKO: PRESENT TO THE FUTURE, a parent-and-child photography exhibition’ is created by professional photographer Bruce Osborn.,...
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Mr Bruce Osborn during the Oyako Photoshoot session

~ A Parent-and-Child Photography Exhibition by Bruce Osborn ~

With our ongoing ‘OYAKO: PRESENT TO THE FUTURE, a parent-and-child photography exhibition’ by Bruce Osborn, we held an exclusive in-house photo shoot on Saturday, 20th February 2016. As per the subject Oyako, which means parent and child, we invited 14 local parent and child couples to join for the event....(Click here to read more)


Audience at the JCC Cinema 43: Key of Life screening
JCC Cinema 43: Key of Life

We held our monthly JCC Cinema 43 on Saturday, 13th February 2016 and screened the film ‘Key of Life’. Directed by Uchida Kenji, the comedic Japanese film features popular actors such as Sakai Masaki, Kagawa Teruyuki and Hirosue Ryoko....(Click here to read more)


CONDORS Dance Workshop

The CONDORS Dance Workshops @ Lasalle College of the Arts & Temasek Polytechnic

All male Japanese dance troupe the Condors held workshops at Lasalle College of the Arts and at Temasek Polytechnic on Thursday 25th and Friday, 26th February 2016 respectively. These workshops were led by Mr Ryohei Kondo and Mr Kojiro Yamamoto. Many students learnt unique quirky movements from them..(Click here to read more)


Group photo with CONDORS

The CONDORS Dance Performance @ Temasek Polytechnic

Performance by Condors(The Condors @ TP) was held at Temasek Polytechnic on 27 April, and was attended by overwhelming guests including the Ambassador of Japan to Singapore HE Takeuchi Haruhisa, Non-Resident Ambassador of Singapore to Oman, His Excellency Mr. Teng Theng Dar, and the Principal and CEO for Temasek Polytechnic, Mr. Boo Keng Hua...(Click here to read more)


SJ50 Supported Events

HE Ambassador Haruhisa Takeuchi at the Health Promotion Event

Health Promotion Bridge Event between Singapore and Japan

The Sunstar Foundation founded in Japan, together with the Joslin Diabetes Center, USA – the world’s largest diabetes research organization held its first JSDEI(Joslin-Sunstar Diabetes Education Initiatives) symposium in Singapore at Swissotel the Stamford. Focusing on the latest cutting-edge research on oral and systemic health, the “Diabetes, Oral Health & Nutrition” symposium including doctors, dentists, nutritionists, pharmacists, nurses, dental hygienists, and researchers gathered from across Asia to Singapore which has the second-highest proportion of diabetics among developed nations.

Focusing on the latest cutting-edge research on oral and systemic health, the “Diabetes, Oral Health & Nutrition” seminar was held to exchange scientific findings on the inter-relationships between diabetes and periodontitis and possible prevention, treatment and cure of these disease burdens. There is a high association between diabetes and periodontal disease. Treatment of periodontal disease may also have the potential to affect blood glucose control and contribute to the progression of diabetes. Healthy diet and lifestyle also affects them. Diabetes can be a terrifying disease because if left untreated, it can lead to blindness, the need for artificial dialysis or an amputation due to various complications, which also includes periodontal disease.


HE Ambassador Haruhisa Takeuchi with
Nippon Sports Science University Students

Demonstration by Nippon Sport Science University

Students from Nippon Sport Science University gave a demonstration of Japanese martial arts and traditional performing arts at Singapore Japanese School Changi Campus on 13th February 2016. Ambassador Takeuchi was also present to share the SJ50 with them..(Click here to view more)


Chingay Parade 2016

The Japanese Association, Singapore Performance
with SJ50 logo in Chingay Parade 2016

As part of SJ50 project, the Japanese Association, Singapore has participated in Chingay Parade 2016 on 19th and 20th February and they showcased the Parade Float with SJ50 Logo ! Take a look at their performance on 20 Feb 2016. (Click here to view more)


© Red Cross
"The Strength of the Human Spirit - A Photo Exhibition"
by Singapore Red Cross

On 11 March 2011, a massive earthquake tore through Japan’s north-eastern coast, triggering a tsunami up to an estimated 40m high, which travelled up to 10km inland. The people were left with their loved ones missing, homes destroyed and cities in rubble..(Click here to read more)


Mr Naohiro Tsutsumi, Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission, with the Students & Teachers from Kashiwa Nittai High School

Visit by Kashiwa Nittai High School, Chiba Prefecture

A group of students from Kashiwa Nittai High School, Chiba Prefecture visited the Embassy of Japan in Singapore on 1 February 2016.
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Mayor Mr Riku Miyamoto,JCC Director Ms Misako Ito with
Mr & Mrs Bruce Osborn @ JCC

Visit by Mr. Riku MIYAMOTO,
Mayor of Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture

On 19 February, Mr. Riku MIYAMOTO, Mayor of Kaga City Ishikawa Prefecture, visited the Oyako Exhibition by Mr. Bruce Osborn here at JCC...(Click here to read more)


JCC Director Ms Misako Ito with the Ladies from Kyushu Women's Network

Visit by Kyushu Women's Festival 2016 Members

On 22nd February 2016, Powerful ladies from Kyushu visited JCC today. Women's Festival 2016 in Singapore: Kyushu Women's Network (和 Harmony, 愛 Affection, 絆 Bonds) will be held at the Japanese Association, Singapore on 12 - 13 March for sharing Japanese Culture and Cultural Exchange! Addmission is free and all of you are welcome to join them.. (Click here to read more)


HE Ambassador Haruhisa Takeuchi and Mr.Shigeharu KATO

Visit by Mr.Shigeharu KATO, Executive Director, RIKEN,
to HE Ambassador Haruhisa Takeuchi

On 26th February 2016, Mr.Shigeharu KATO, Executive Director, RIKEN, called on HE Ambassador Haruhisa Takeuchi and they discussed about the science & technology cooperation between Japan and Singapore through RIKEN. .. (Click here to read more)

Featured Article of the Month

Rural Japan – disappearing into the sunset?

Sustainable Rural Economies for the Future of Rural Japan
By Mr Tan Szue Hann

Very often, in the rapid urbanisation of cities, little thought is put towards the preservation of centuries-old cultural heritage, in favour for urban development and boosting the nation’s economy. Singapore, in its rapid urbanisation from the 1960s to 2000s, had razed down numerous heritage buildings. While this was perhaps necessary to house a burgeoning population, Singapore did realise that there is indeed value in keeping its heritage, and had pushed for conservation and adaptation of heritage buildings from the early 2000s. It is a valuable lesson that can be applied to the many rapidly-urbanising cities and countries in Asia – establishing equilibrium between urban development, economic gain, and preservation of our cultural heritage. ...(Click to read more)



SJ50 Matsuri in Singapore

In October, SJ50 Matsuri will be held in Singapore. Japanese Creativity and Tradition awaits you at our main event- SJ50 Matsuri. Be part of this unforgettable festival by joining us as a sponsor, exhibitor or performer. Its your chance to reach out to 100,000 lovers of Japan.GET INVOLVED. MAKE THE MATSURI EVEN GREATER
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Japanese Cultural Fact for March

© Kids Web Japan


March 3 is Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival or Girls' Festival) when people pray for the happiness and healthy growth of girls. Families with young daughters mark this day by setting up a display of dolls inside the house. They offer rice crackers and other food to the dolls.
...(Click to read more)

Science & Technology Information in Japan

© Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
ASTRO-H successfully launched and named "Hitomi")

H-IIA F30 with the "ASTRO-H" onboard launched at 5:45 p.m. on Feb 17th, 2016 from the Tanegashima Space Center. The rocket flew smoothly, and, at about 14 minutes after liftoff, "ASTRO-H" was separated from the H-IIA F30. ASTRO-H is the eye to study the hot and energetic universe. Therefore we name ASTRO-H, "Hitomi". The word "Hitomi".generally means "eye", and specifically the pupil, or entrance window of the eye – the aperture!... (Click to read more)


© Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Let Geospace satellite “ERG” carry your support message!

JAXA is inviting you to have your message travel on the ERG satellite to explore the Van Allen belts, which is the last frontier in space around the Earth.Please send your support message to the mission of the “Exploration of energization and Radiation in Geospace” or “ERG”, which is scheduled to be launched in JFY2016. The messages will be printed on an aluminum plate that will be installed on the satellite as part of a balance weight. ...(Click to read more)


©Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Kibo-ABC (Asian Beneficial Collaboration
through "Kibo" Utilization)

Kibo-ABC is a collaborative program established by the Space Environment Utilization Working Group (SEUWG) of APRSAF (Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum), aiming to promote ISS(International Space Station) /Kibo utilization in the Asia-Pacific region and to share and build on the outcomes of “Kibo” utilization. The objectives of Kibo-ABC include: promotion of Kibo utilization among researchers and engineers in Asian countries, accumulation of experience and enhancement of capacity among participating space agencies through implementation of projects utilizing Kibo, and creation of bilateral cooperation projects on Kibo utilization between member countries including Singapore (Singapore Space and Technology Association (SSTA)) and Japan...(Click to read more)



K computer: Lithium-ion Battery -From a Universe of Molecules to Batteries of the Future-(short ver)

Have you ever seen the inside of lithium-ion battery? Using Japanese supercomputer K, the 1st supercomputer which exceeds 10peta FLOPS in the world, scientists observed atomic-scale processes at the electrode of lithium-ion batteries, allowing them to identify a material that could improve the charging time, voltage capacity and reliability of these batteries for long-term and renewable energy storage solutions.

This digest version video quickly introduces how lithium-ion battery works and what kind of challenges the scientists are facing as well as the simulations at the molecular level of the inside of the battery.The scientists awarded Gottfried Wagener Prize 2015 Energy & Industry..(Click here to View Video)


New insights into REM sleep crack an enduring mystery
(by Riken Channel)

REM sleep-the phase of night-time mammalian sleep physiology where dreams occur-has long fascinated scientists, clinicians, philosophers, and artists alike, but the identity of the neurons that control REM sleep, and its function in sleep have been controversial due to a lack of precise genetic methods to study the sleeping brain. Now, in a remarkable demonstration of a recent brain technology, neuroscientists provide the first answers to both questions, identifying a neural circuit in the brain that regulates REM sleep, and showing that REM sleep controls the physiology of the other major sleep phase, called non-REM (NREM) sleep..
(Click here to View Video)


Centrosomin represses dendrite branching by orienting microtubule nucleation(by Riken Channel)

Dendrite arbor morphology is critical for neuron function. This video explains how researchers in Adrian Moore's laboratory at RIKEN BSI found that the activity of centrosomin, used to build the mitotic spindle, is recycled after mitosis in dendrites. Centrosomin shapes the arbor by engaging microtubule nucleation at dendritic Golgi outposts to orient microtubule polarization in nascent branches. The video was kindly produced by Research Square... (Click here to view video)


Ms Yuko Kiyosue, RIKEN was awarded the
best paper in Science

Ms Yuko Kiyosue, who leads the Cellular Dynamics Analysis Unit at the RIKEN Center for Life Science Technologies (CLST) was one of the authors of a paper awarded the AAAS Newcomb Cleveland Prize, which is given out every year for the best paper published in Science that year. The paper, by a group led by Eric Betzig of the Janelia Research Campus with Bi-Chang Chen as the first author, introduced a new microscopy technique, lattice light-sheet microscopy, which according to the AAAS’s announcement, “dramatically improves upon conventional ..(Click here to view video)



Japan-ASEAN Science and Technology Innovation Platform (JASTIP) Opening Ceremony in Bangkok on 26.Feb.2016

Kyoto University launched a new project of Japan-ASEAN Science and Technology Innovation Platform: Promotion of Sustainable Development Research (JASTIP) in September 2015. The official opening ceremony for JASTIP project was held at the resident of Japanese Ambassador in Bangkok on 26.Feb.2016. Based on ASTIP project, Japan and ASEAN Region’s will cooperate to strengthen research for sustainable development in the fields of bio-resource and biodiversity, energy – environment, and disaster prevention with Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.


RDA Seventh Plenary Meeting

Hosted and co-organised by the Japan Science and Technology Agency under the theme “Making data sharing work in the era of Open Science” the 7th Research Data Alliance (RDA) Plenary meeting was held in Tokyo, Japan from the 1st to the 3rd of March 2016. Open science is fundamentally community driven and dependent on free knowledge sharing and access to tools and services. As an organisation of volunteers and self-formed collaboration, RDA is committed to promoting “openness” and delivering tangible outputs that improve data sharing across disciplines, technologies, and countries..(Click here to read more)


© Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

SAKURA Exchange Program in Science (SSP) by JST

Asia is undergoing a period of dramatic progress. Promoting science and technology is a key engine to materialize a bright future of Asia and it is vitally important to enhance the exchange of Japanese and Asian youths who will play a crucial role in the field of science and technology.Based on this concept,

“Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science” (SAKURA Exchange Program in Science) is the program for enhancing exchanges between Asia and Japan of the youths who will play a crucial role in the future field of science and technology through the close collaboration of industry-academia-government by facilitating short-term visits of competent Asian youths to Japan. (Click here to read more)

On 19th March, the first SSP AlumnI Meeting in Singapore will be held at JCC: (Click here to read more)


Riken Visit on SAKURA Exchange Program in Science

On 10th July 2015, 30 students form Singapore and China visited RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science (RNC) as the SAKURA Exchange Program. They learned a lot about Accelerator-Based Science ! The primary mission of Nishina Center is to unravel the mystery of the genesis of the elements by investigating the nature of nuclei and their constituents, elementary particles. The center also aims to explore the potential industrial application of its research on nuclei and elementary particles to agriculture, medicine and other such fields.RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science (RNC)...(Click here to read more)


© Science & Technology Policy Council for Science, Technology & Innovation
Report on The 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan by Council for Science, Technology and Innovation Cabinet Office (December 18, 2015)

Council for Science, Technology and Innovation Cabinet Office published the Report on The 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan (FY2016-2020). The 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan was decided by the Cabinet on 22nd January 2016. (Click here to read more)


© Science & Technology Policy Council for Science, Technology & Innovation

Brochure about SIP " Pioneering the Future: Japanese Science, Technology and Innovation"(December 2015)

The Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP) is a national project for science, technology and innovation, spearheaded by the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation as it exercises its headquarters function to accomplish its role in leading science, technology and innovation beyond the framework of government ministries and traditional disciplines. The SIP has identified 10 themes that will address the most important social problems facing Japan, as well as contribute to the resurgence of the Japanese economy.

Each project is led by an experienced and talented program director who is responsible for end-to-end focused research and development, facilitating coordination among government, industry, and academic entities. These directors have been charged with guiding their project from basic research to practical application and commercialization, and ultimately to a clear exit strategy.

The SIP focuses on science, technology, and innovation, which drive our nation’s economic growth and vitality and which will dramatically change society. Incidentally, projects related specifically to health and medical innovation fall under the direction of the Headquarters of Healthcare Policy.
(Click here to read more)

Progress Review of Earth Observation and Other Programs based on Japanese Efforts Following the Adoption of the Earth Observation Promotion Strategy (February 2015))

(Click here to read more)

(Click here to read more)

Education Information in Japan

© Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)

Humanities and Social Sciences programs in National Universities

MEXT provides information on Humanities and Social Sciences programs in Japanese National Universities...(Click here to read more),


© Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)

Tobitate! Study Abroad Initiative

The Japanese Government launched in October 2013 Tobitate! (Leap for Tomorrow) Study Abroad Initiative, a public-private effort for the future of Japan. This initiative—which hopes to make Japan a nation in which all ambitious youths can go global—offers various opportunities for students to embrace the chance to study abroad.

(Click here to read more)
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Japan Alumni eNews Vol. 82 February 10, 2016 (by JASSO)

Japan Student Service Organisation (JASSO) is publishing Japan Alumni the E News every month. The Contents are as follows:

1. Life in Japan by Photo

2. Alumni News

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8. From the Reader


Upcoming Events at JCC

19.02.2016 - 12.03.2016 [3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake 5th Anniversary Commemorative Event] - OYAKO: PRESENT TO THE FUTURE ~A Parent-and-Child Photography Exhibition by Bruce Osborn~
12.03.2016-13.03.2016 "Blowing in the SAKURA Wind: Sounds from Japan" by
Shaku Hachi Artist, Mr Yosuke Irie & Koto Grandmaster, Ms Kaho Irie
@ Gardens by the Bay
18.03.2016 JCC Science & Technology Lecture: ~ How Supercomputers are able to contribute to a safe, reliable and sustainable society? ~
19.03.2016 Sakura Exchange Program in Science (SSP) Invitation to the first SSP Alumni Meeting in Singapore @ JCC
10.07.2016 Japanese Speech Contest 2016
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Related Events at JCC

13.05.2016 - 22.05.2016 Super Japan: Festival of Arts @ The Esplanade
10.03.2015 - 31.12.2017 Fifty Years of Singapore Design Exhibition @ National Design Centre

SJ50 Notice (2016 marks the 50th Anniversary of Singapore-Japan Diplomatic Relations)

The Launch of SJ50 Matsuri Website
The 50th Anniversary of Singapore-Japan Diplomatic Relations (SJ50) Project Approval Process
The 50th Anniversary of Singapore-Japan Diplomatic Relations (SJ50) Project Plan (In Singapore)


Japanese Guided Walk in Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
The Japan Foundation Grant Program for Fiscal Year 2016
Japanese Restaurants in Singapore / シンガポールにおける日本食レストラン数
The 6th Sendai International Music Competition is now open for application
50th Anniversary of Singapore-Japan Diplomatic Relations (SJ50)
Call for applications for M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2016

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