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We have now entered the final quarter of 2020! In Japan, the season of summer is slowly transitioning into autumn; the Vernal Equinox in late September signalled the start of shorter days and longer nights, and cooler weather. A popular pastime during mid-autumn in Japan is moon viewing. We enjoy snacks known as tsukimi-dango ecqf while viewing and appreciating the beauty of the full moon. It was interesting to learn that Singaporeans celebrate in a similar fashion too, by eating mooncakes (we call them egeppeif in Japanese) during the Mid-Autumn Festival. I was able to try a few varieties of mooncakes available here, and my favourite was the traditional kind! I look forward to trying more traditional snacks during my time here.

This past month, we have been working hard on revamping our e-library. We have arranged our books, brochures, and pamphlets in a way that makes it conducive for visitors to learn more about Japanfs culture and tourism, as well as the educational opportunities on offer. In addition to these resources, we are also preparing a special corner dedicated to interesting little-known information about various prefectures in Japan! We hope that this new addition to the e-library will help supplement our visitorsf understanding of Japan.

This project on Japanfs prefectures is also available on our Facebook page! To build further interest and understanding in the featured prefecture, we started posting articles about the geography and regional specialties on our page, so do keep an eye out and feel free to share the topics that interest you with your friends and family! We hope that these posts, together with gKizuna Storiesh - a series highlighting people and events that helped contribute to Japan and Singaporefs longstanding friendship - will help our readers foster a greater understanding of Japan.

Do stay tuned to our Facebook page to keep updated on events at JCC, and for more interesting articles about happenings in Japan. We also have an Instagram page (@japancreativecentre) where we post exclusive and informative series. Remember to also follow the Embassy of Japan in Singapore on Facebook to stay connected with us. We look forward to welcoming all our Friends of JCC back to our premises for more enjoyable events!

Toru Furugori
Director, Japan Creative Centre (JCC)
Embassy of Japan in Singapore

5th October 2020

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