About Japan Creative Centre

As a result of the Japan-Singapore summit meetings held in March and November 2007, an agreement was reached to set up the Japan Creative Centre (JCC) in Singapore as a base for disseminating information on Japan's culture and technologies. The Centre is the first of its kind outside Japan as a new type of culture and information centre that showcases Japan's "now", and could serve as a model for the future.

"Innovation and Tradition" is the main theme of the Centre. The Centre will showcase Japan's "soft power", such as pop-culture and traditional arts, besides creating space for experiencing the charms of Japan. The contents of the Centre can be enjoyed not only by the Singaporeans but also by the peoples of other Southeast Asian countries. The Centre's highlights of "Cool Japan" will include high technology, design, gourmet, fashion, traditional craft, traditional art, music and movie, anime and manga. We received valuable advice from Mr. Toshiyuki Kita, a world-renown industrial designer and design producer, in embodying the concept of the JCC project and its design. It is not public sectors but private sectors who should take the lead in promoting "soft power". Therefore, we would like to ask the private sectors to provide us with ideas and initiatives. In particular, we will highly appreciate any ideas and requests as to what is appropriate and favorable for the projects of the Centre.

A 450m2, single-story building was provided by the Singaporean government to house the Centre. The building is located at the start of Orchard Road (at 4 Nassim Road), a location so ideal for holding events to attract visitors.

Centre facilities are (1) Multi-purpose Hall with an approximate capacity of 50 seats; (2) E-Library holding a good collection of Japanese-related books, music, movie, anime and other documentary DVDs that are free for reference by the public, and (3) Exhibition Space dedicated to exhibits and displays. With these facilities to begin with, we hope you can help us further expand on our ideas.

All facilities of the Centre, in principle, are made available to a wide range of users. The Centre could also be used for various events that you co-organise with the Centre. We sincerely hope you to make full use of the Centre.

We thank you for your cooperation and continued support.

Please send us your ideas and questions to the following address:

Japan Creative Centre
Embassy of Japan in Singapore
Address: 4 Nassim Road, Singapore 258372
Tel: (+65) 6737-0434
Fax: (+65) 6735-3062
E-mail: jcc@sn.mofa.go.jp

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