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Fabrics in Cha-no-yu ~Japan and Asia~


JCC revisited three Japanese way of arts in the month of May: Sado (tea ceremony), Kado (flower arrangement) and Kodo (incense ceremony). Many guests were intrigued and charmed by the history and beauty of dyeing and weaving art in the fabrics used in the Japanese Way of Tea, in last month's exhibition entitled 'Fabrics in Cha-no-yu ~Japan and Asia~'. There was also the opportunity to taste Japanese sweets and matcha tea during the talk and tea ceremony demonstration.

A marriage of innovation and tradition was seen in the Singapore Sogetsu Association workshop, whereby participants could create their own Ikebana arrangements using plastic materials. Finally, we saw a full house of participants engage themselves in the art of incense burning. Please do look forward to another month of interesting activities at JCC!

Director's Message


May has been a very hot month in Singapore, but JCC presented a set of programmes featuring Japan’s three traditional ways of art (三道) that brought calm and relaxation to audiences. In the first half of the month, JCC featured the Art of Tea. Together with Chado Urasenke Tankokai Singapore Association, JCC presented a never-before-seen exhibition titled ‘Fabrics in Cha-no-yu ~ Japan and Asia ~’. Visitors who attended the talk and tea ceremony...(Click here to read more)

JCC Events

Opening Ceremony of Fabrics in Cha-no-yu ~Japan and Asia~

The opening ceremony of Fabrics in Cha-no-yu ~Japan and Asia~ was held at JCC (Japan Creative Centre) on Saturday, 4 May 2019. H.E. Jun Yamazaki, Ambassador of Japan, together with Mr Lai Kim Fatt, President of Chado Urasenke Tankokai Singapore Association, hosted the event. Chado Urasenke Konnichian Gyotei, Mr Sokei Suzuki, flew in from Kyoto, Japan, and gave an introduction to the philosophy and significance of Cha-no-yu (Japanese Way...(Click here to read more)

Fabrics in Cha-no-yu ~Japan and Asia~ Talk & Demonstration

A talk and demonstration by Chado Urasenke Tankokai Singapore Association (Urasenke Singapore) was held on 11 May 2019 at Japan Creative Centre (JCC), as part of the ‘Fabrics in Cha-no-yu ~Japan and Asia~’ exhibition. During the talk, Ms Sochoku Nakabayashi spoke about the fabrics used in the Japanese Way of Tea. This was followed by a demonstration of the authentic way of preparing Japanese matcha tea, together with 2 volunteers...(Click here to read more)

Creating Strange, Weird, Beautiful Plastic Structures ~ A workshop by Singapore Sogetsu Association ~

Singapore Sogetsu Association (SSA) held a workshop entitled ‘Creating Strange, Weird, Beautiful Plastic Structures’ at JCC (Japan Creative Centre) on 22 May 2019. Participants were treated to creative artwork and made their own Ikebana arrangement with the innovative use of plastics. After Mrs Pandora Ip, President of SSA, welcomed everyone, Mr Bernard Tay, a well-known...(Click here to read more)

Discovering Fragrances Through Kodo ~ Incense Burning Ceremony ~

On Friday, 31 May 2019, JCC (Japan Creative Centre) presented “Discovering Fragrances Through Kodo ~ Incense Burning Ceremony with Ms Higashi Gyoka ~”. Grand Master Higashi Gyoka and her disciples led this exclusive event where she explained to the participants that incense ceremonies were steeped in deep history like tea ceremonies and flower arrangement...(Click here to read more)

2020 MEXT Scholarship Briefing

The 2020 MEXT Scholarship Briefing opened at JCC to overwhelming response for students and parents on 1 June, 2019. The briefing opened with an address by Mr Yee Jenn En, president of JUGAS (Japanese University Graduates Association), followed by information on the MEXT scholarship and application process by First Secretary, Mr Gaku Mizota, a sharing session by former MEXT scholarship recipients Mr Marcus Lim and Ms Elena...(Click here to read more)

JCC Related Events

Hibikiya 10th Anniversary Concert

H.E. Ambassador Jun Yamazaki and Mrs Yamazaki attended Hibikiya's 10th Anniversary Concert at The Esplanade, Recital Studio on Saturday, 18 May 2019. Guests enjoyed a rare and exclusive performance of the Japanese Taiko drums, bamboo flutes, and Shamisen (3 stringed-instruments), among others. A special guest from Japan, WARIKI, joined the performance and fascinated the audience with their powerful music and...(Click here to read more)

Japanese Cultural Fact for June

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Outings to View Traditional Theater

Kids today do not have many opportunities to see traditional theatrical performances. Many middle and high schools, therefore, schedule outings to see live performances of traditional stage arts in the hopes of piquing students' interest in traditional culture. Like field trips and school excursions, these outings are made by the entire grade or school. In and around Tokyo, most students go to see performances of kabuki or noh. But in rural areas, outings may be made to view traditional arts unique to that locality...(Click here to read more)

Upcoming Events at JCC

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14.06.2019 - 31.08.2019 Capturing Water Conservation Through the Lens ~ A Photography Exhibition on Water Conservation in Singapore ~ @ Royal Plaza on Scotts
07.06.2019 Bittersweet Harmony ~ Japanese Hand Drip Coffee & Wagashi Demonstration by the Okada Coffee and Sweets Team ~

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