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Parent-Child Furoshiki Workshop ~ A furoshiki workshop by Furoshiki Lah! ~


The June holidays took place last month, and we were delighted to offer a Parent-Child Furoshiki Workshop ~ A furoshiki workshop by Furoshiki Lah! ~ at Hillview Community Centre. It was wonderful to be able to see both parents and children enjoying the fun and meaningful activity.

With this, we are currently halfway through 2023. Please continue to look forward to JCC's events in the next half too!

Director's Message


The first half of 2023 has passed by in a blink of an eye, and sadly, I have to say goodbye to Singapore very soon. I have successfully completed my term at JCC, and will return to Japan to continue fulfilling my duties. The past three years have truly been eventful and meaningful. When I first arrived in Singapore, we were in the middle of the pandemic, and JCC’s activities were limited, as we had to work from home. Fortunately, we overcame the challenge and eventually returned to how things were before, where we could offer JCC’s events physically and on a regular basis...(Click here to read more)

JCC Events

Asia Zero Emission Community (AZEC) Networking Event in Singapore

Japan Creative Centre (JCC) hosted the Asia Zero Emission Community (AZEC) Networking Event in Singapore on Thursday, 22 June 2023, which attracted nearly 50 people from the corporate and government sectors. Mr. Ishikawa Hiroshi, Special Advisor to the Minister of ASEAN and APAC Affairs at Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), kickstarted the event...(Click here to read more)


Parent-Child Furoshiki Workshop ~ A furoshiki workshop by Furoshiki Lah! ~

Organised in collaboration with the People’s Association, The Parent-Child Furoshiki Workshop was held on 24 June 2023 at Hillview Community Centre. Conducted by FuroshikiLah, the two sessions saw participants young and old to learn about the beautiful yet practical ways to incorporate a zero-waste way of...(Click here to read more)


Ambassador's visit to Nobuyuki Tsujii's concert

H.E. Ambassador Hiroshi Ishikawa enjoyed a beautiful evening of powerful yet euphonious piano pieces by talented blind Japanese pianist Mr Nobuyuki Tsujii last night on 14th June 2023 at Esplanade Concert Hall. Ambassador Ishikawa also met and congratulated Mr Tsujii after the concert. Mr Tsujii is the Gold Medalist of the 13th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, and this is his second concert in Singapore since 2013...(Click here to read more)


Ambassador's visit to DuCon Singapore’s Dance with the Stars Gala Showcase

H.E. Ambassador Hiroshi Ishikawa enjoyed an artistic evening of graceful and beautiful ballet by Ms May Nagahisa at DuCon - Singapore’s, Dance with the Stars Gala Showcase on 18 June at School of the Arts, Singapore. Ms Nagahisa is the First Soloist at Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg. Ambassador Ishikawa was very delighted that Ms Nagahisa’s ballet...(Click here to read more)

Cultural Articles

Nuts About Natto

When asked about Japanese food, many Singaporeans would probably answer that they enjoy it. However, there are exceptions, such as one of the most unique and divisive Japanese food – natto. The fermented soybeans have a distinct smell similar to aged cheese, as well as a sticky and stringy texture, which can put many people off. For Japanese people though, natto has been a part and parcel of their diet since they were young. It is usually...(Click here to read more)


The Ubiquitous Vending Machine

If you visit Japan, you may notice that vending machines are everywhere. It goes without saying that you can spot them in train stations or shopping areas, but you can even find them in rural villages. In fact, Japan has the most number of vending machines per capita in the world. There are a number of reasons behind this. Firstly, the vending machines are hardly broken into and thus there is little need to monitor them. The...(Click here to read more)

Japanese Cultural Fact for July

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School-Organised Overnight Camp

For many Japanese students in their first and second years of middle school, one of the most fun parts of summer vacation is going to "School in the Woods" or "School by the Sea." This is a sleep-away camp outing organised by the school. It starts around the end of July, as soon as summer vacation begins, and lasts three or four days. If the camp is in a mountainous or wooded area, it's called "School in the Woods." If it's near the coast, it's called "School by the Sea." These days, most schools are sending their students to "School in the Woods."...(Click here to read more)


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