Japan Creative Centre

September 2014 Edition


The month of August proved to be a dynamic month for JCC with back to back diversified events. JCC welcomed the Maki-e Showcase by Namiki, Architecture presentations on ‘Machiya and Shophouses’, Enshu School of Tea Demonstration as well as Mr Iskandar Jalil’s Foreign Minister’s Commendation Award. Visitors to JCC in the month of August were introduced to the fountain pens that were intricately decorated with exquisite Urushi art. The 28th JCC Cinema session was also held this month with the comedic film ROBO-G screened much to the enjoyment of those in attendance.


Message From Director Of JCC

What a delightful whirlwind month of August it was!  August in Japan usually means the school holidays and O-bon in the midst of summer; time to go back to home, enjoying reunion of family members and old friends, and having relaxing time together. And here at JCC in Singapore,Click to Read More


1.1 JCC Cinema 27: Always Sunset On Third Street 3

The 27th JCC Cinema session was held on the 26th of July. The movie screened was “Always Sunset on Third Street-3”, the third instalment in the popular “Always” series. Click to Read More


1.2 Yukata Workshop

The afternoon of the 2nd of August saw guests streaming into JCC for a ‘yukata workshop’. The workshop was co-organized by JETAA (Japan Exchange Teaching Alumni Association). The workshop was conducted by Ms Nathalie Ng, vice president of JETAA. Click to Read More


1.3 “Maki-E" Art Showcase

From the 20th to the 22nd of August JCC hosted the ‘Maki-e Showcase’ in Japan Creative Centre. This showcase, co-organized by Pilot Singapore, opened to the public on the morning of the 20th of August. Click to Read More


1.4 “Enshuryu Tea Ceremony Workshop" at MOELC

On the 22nd of August at MOELC, about 50 students attended a special tea ceremony conducted by Mr Kobori Sojitsu, the 13th Grand Master of Enshu Sado School of Tea. The 50 students present came from various schools and all of them study Japanese as a third language.Click to Read More


1.5 Architectural Exchange Project Japan and Singapore

Initiated by the Japan Foundation’s new Asia Centre, six undergraduates from Singapore and six from Japan will take part in an architectural exchange as part of the "An Architectural Exchange between Japan and Singapore - Looking back at the Machiya and Shophouses” project. Click to Read More


1.6 The Japanese Foreign Minister's Commendation Award for Mr Iskandar Jalil

On the 29th of August, Master Ceramist Mr Iskandar Jalil received the Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendation Award. The award ceremony and reception was held at the Ambassador 's residence. Click to Read More


1.7 JCC Cinema 28: ROBO-G

The 28th JCC Cinema session was held on the 30th of August 2014 with the movie ROBO-G screened. The movie, done in the genre of comedy, was upbeat and lively and elicited many chuckles and laughs from the audience.Click to Read More


2 Japanese Cultural Fact

There is an old custom of celebrating the full moon on the fifteenth day of the eighth month on the traditional Japanese calendar. It's a very poetic and elegant practice, with people placing ornaments and offerings next to windowsl. Click to Read More


The World Assembly for Women in Tokyo (WAW! Tokyo 2014) will be held in Tokyo from September 12 Friday to September 14 Sunday. The event is being jointly hosted by four organizations–the Government of Japan, KEIDANREN (Japan Business Federation), Nikkei Inc, and the Japan Institute of International Affairs–and also is being supported by the Japan Center for Economic Research.

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Ikebana Inspirations By Baba & Nyonya


Chawan Exposition Singapore

13.09.2014 Shogi Japanese Chess Workshop By Madoka Kitao




Nobby Art Plus Fairy Tale Evening 


Drum Tao: Seventeen Samurai


Urasenke Charity Chakai

14.11.2014 -16.11.2014




25.07.2014 -14.09.2014

Muhamad 'Ucup' Yusuf: Behind New World Order


Singapore International Violin Competition 2015


Naoko Tosa Space Flower Showcase


Enra Japanese Contemporary at Samarpana Festival

19.09.2014-21.09.2014 Miyake Daiko Workshop by Miyakejima Geino Doshikai
Buddha 2" by Osamu Tezuka
03.10.2014-24.10.2014 Unveiling Japanese Design By Designer Oki Sato

International Friendly Match Football: JAPAN VS BRASIL