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JCC Workshop: Kabuki Introduction
and Demonstration

In light of the various exciting Kabuki events taking place this month, the Japan Creative Centre (JCC), in collaboration with The Association of Traditional Performing Arts and Vivid Creations Pte Ltd., is pleased to present JCC Workshop: Kabuki Introduction and Demonstration on 14 March. This workshop ties in with Kabuki Public Lecture & Workshop at library@esplanade on 11 March and the Kabuki performance, The Masseur and the Thief, at School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA) Drama Theatre from 16-17 March.

The workshop serves as an introduction to the unique world of Kabuki and a prelude to “The Masseur and the Thief”. Audiences will learn the cultural significance of the popular theatre art, allowing them to better appreciate the intricate art of Kabuki while watching Kabuki performances. Understanding the art of Kabuki is the key to appreciating its attention to aesthetic detail and stylized dramatic sequences.

DATE: Wednesday, 14th March 2012
TIME: 7:30pm to 9:00pm (Registration begins at 7.00pm)
VENUE: Japan Creative Centre, 4 Nassim Road, Singapore 258372
REGISTRATION: Click HERE to RSVP by 13th March

Highlights of the workshop:

- Introduction to the current Kabuki scene in Japan
- Introduction to The Association of Traditional Performing Arts
- Introduction to Amma to Dorobo " The Masseur and the Thief"
- Demonstration of Tachimawari, Onnagata and Otokogata
- Finer points of enjoying a Kabuki theatre performance
- Question and Answer session

*There will be English translations during this workshop

Please register early to avoid disappointment. We regret to inform that as there are limited seating, seats will be confirmed only upon receipt of confirmation email from JCC. ALL EVENTS ARE FREE OF CHARGE.

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