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Evening of beautiful Japanese melodies ~ cello & piano performance & talk event ~


It was an enriching month at JCC with a wide range of events. From finding out more about how to study in Japan, to appreciating beautiful Japanese melodies played on cello and piano, and enjoying a cultural fusion of Japanese contemporary ceramics and Singaporean floral design.

In September, an exhibition introducing Pastel Shine Art will be held at JCC. Come and visit JCC to learn more about this healing art that originated in Japan, and found its way to Singapore. Moreover, there will be workshops everyday!

Director's Message

Dear Friends of JCC,


Last month has proved to be extremely eventful, and I have been fortunate to have opportunities to participate in a myriad of events, both in JCC and in other venues all over the tropical island.

Among those memorable was a cello and piano recital, “Evening of beautiful Japanese melodies”. JCC was...(Click here to read more)

JCC Events

Study in Japan ~In Collaboration with Spring Magazine~ Online Sharing Sessions by Japanese Universities

The first and second sessions of Study in Japan ~In Collaboration with Spring Magazine~ University Seminar were held on 29 July and 5 August respectively. Both sessions featured a lineup of staff and students from esteemed universities; Ritsumeikan University, Keio Shonan Fujisawa Campus, Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS), Osaka University, Waseda...(Click here to read more)


Evening of beautiful Japanese melodies ~ cello & piano performance & talk event ~

JCC hosted an enchanting evening of beautiful Japanese melodies on Thursday, 3 August 2023 by two prominent Japanese musicians, cellist Mr. Yunosuke Yamamoto and pianist Ms. Kyoko Koyama. They performed many Japanese classical pieces such as 荒城の月 (Kōjō no Tsuki), 文楽 (Bunraku) and Japanese Four Seasons Medley, as well as popular soundtracks and music...(Click here to read more)


Opening Ceremony of Clay Journeys: Transcending Boundaries in Contemporary Japanese Ceramics ~ Exploring the Artistic Depths and Cultural Fusion of Japanese Ceramic Mastery with Singaporean Floral Design ~

The opening ceremony of "Clay Journeys: Transcending Boundaries in Contemporary Japanese Ceramics" was held at JCC on 7 August 2023. Director of JCC Ms Akiko Kawabe and Director of Dialogue Gallery Mr Ken Ushijima welcomed...(Click here to read more)


Enshuryu Tea Ceremony

H.E. Ambassador Hiroshi Ishikawa hosted a tea ceremony at his residence on Friday, 25 August 2023, with the presence of Mr. Sojitsu Kobori, the 13th Grand Master of Enshu Sado School. A group of Singaporean guests, including Deputy Speaker of Parliament Ms. Jessica Tan and Member of Parliament Ms. Yeo Wan Ling, attended the special event. The ceremony was held in a pleasant atmosphere and provided a great opportunity...(Click here to read more)

JCC Related Events

Japan Day at MOE Language Centre, Newton Campus

Japan Day makes a comeback after a hiatus of 4 years! On 8 and 11 August, students from the Japanese department of the MOE Language Centre, Newton Campus, participated in Japan Day 2023. The participants enjoyed learning about traditional art forms such as kabuki, rakugo, and played games such as kendama, karuta and language puzzles. JCC staff were there to help facilitate the yukata workshop for the participants, and...(Click here to read more)


Opening of the Ikenobo Ikebana Society Singapore Chapter's 30th Anniversary Exhibition at Gardens by the Bay

JCC Director Ms Akiko Kawabe attended the Opening of the Ikenobo Ikebana Society Singapore Chapter's 30th Anniversary Exhibition as the Guest of Honour at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay last Friday on 18 August 2023. Ms Kawabe was warmly welcomed by Mr Felix Soh, CEO of Gardens by the Bay, and Dr Leonard Lim, President of Ikenobo Singapore Chapter...(Click here to read more)


JCC Director's Visit to inclusive performance CHACHAMBO

JCC Director Akiko Kawabe was impressed with the inclusive performance CHACHAMBO, presented by ARTDIS in the Victoria Theatre over the weekend. The full-length music theatre production was anchored by a main cast of 10 artists with disabilities, supported by an ensemble of 80 performers from other disability and senior community groups. Sign language, subtitles and narration were naturally incorporated in the show...(Click here to read more)


Dr. Iskandar Jalil's Visit to "Clay Journeys: Transcending Boundaries in Contemporary Japanese Ceramics"

We were honoured to have renowned Master Potter Dr. Iskandar Jalil visiting JCC today for our exhibition, Clay Journeys: Transcending Boundaries in Contemporary Japanese Ceramics. JCC Director Ms. Akiko Kawabe was happy to welcome and accompany him viewing the exhibits. One of the artists participating in the exhibition, Mr. Toshinori Munakata, also showed Dr. Iskandar...(Click here to read more)


JCC Director’s Visit to the National Museum

Newly arrived JCC Director Ms Akiko Kawabe had an enriching tour of the National Museum provided by Japanese Museum Guides Ms Ikumi Fushimi (left) and Ms Toshiko Kujime (right ) over the weekend, furnishing her with abundance of knowledge and insight to Singapore. Japanese Docents, a group of Japanese-language volunteer guides led by Ms Kujime and Ms Fushimi, has been conducting guided tours for Japanese tourists in...(Click here to read more)


JCC Director's Visit to Asia Comics Expo 001

Many enthusiasts of Japanese animation and pop culture gathered at Suntec City for the first ever Asia Comics Expo 001 by Cosfest during last weekend. It was an eye-opening experience for JCC Director Ms Akiko Kawabe. When she spoke to two cosplayers dressed up as characters from the popular Japanese mobile game Twisted Wonderland, she found out that Japanese manga artist Yana Toboso was in-charge of the game's original...(Click here to read more)


Visit by delegation of study tour participants from local governments throughout Japan

JCC welcomed a delegation of study tour participants from local governments throughout Japan on 21 August 2023. They were introduced to JCC’s wide array of activities, including past events held in collaboration with local Japanesegovernments to promote the culture, attractions as well as special goods and craftsmanship of different local regions in Japan...(Click here to read more)


Visit by students from Meijo University

A group of students from Meijo University were welcomed by JCC on 22 August 2023. Second Secretary Ms Mana Yamaguchi gave a presentation about Singapore, as well as the activities of the Embassy of Japan in Singapore and JCC. Event Team Manager Mdm Keiko Soeda was also present to elaborate more about JCC’s activities, and answer questions during the...(Click here to read more)


Ambassador’s Visit to the Esplanade

H.E. Ambassador Hiroshi Ishikawa and JCC Director Akiko Kawabe had a unique backstage tour of one of Singapore's iconic sites, Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, on Monday, 28 August 2023. They were warmly welcomed by CEO Ms Yvonne Tham and her staff including Ms Amy Ho, Director, Programming for Music, Community and Children & Youth Programmes, who gave an in-depth tour of the venue. In October 2002, the Japanese...(Click here to read more)


JCC Director's Visit to Nanyang Polytechnic

JCC Director Ms Akiko Kawabe, JCC Deputy Director Mr Yuki Hamada and Second Secretary Ms Mana Yamaguchi were given a tour around Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) on 29 August 2023 by Japanese language teachers Mr Kenji Ota and Ms Judy Yip. Amongst the many places they toured was the School of Engineering, which originated from institutes jointly created with Japan, France and Germany in 1980. They also had the opportunity...(Click here to read more)

Cultural Articles

Mount Koya: A Peaceful Retreat

Widely known as one of Japan’s most sacred sites, Mount Koya is a large temple settlement located in Wakayama Prefecture. Over 1,200 years ago, the Japanese monk Kobo Daishi introduced Shingon Buddhism to Japan and chose Mount Koya as a sacred site. It is said that the eight peaks of the mountain resemble a lotus, making it auspicious. Since then, Mount Koya has been the centre of Shingon Buddhism, with 117 religious buildings...(Click here to read more)


Treasures from the Sea

Have you noticed that one of the ingredients that is often used in Japanese food is seaweed? We can find it in sushi rolls, onigiri, miso soup, soup stock, side dishes and more. Certain varieties may also be made into agar-agar, and used as a plant-based gelatin substitute in confectionery. Considering that Japan is surrounded by sea and thought to contain around 1500 different varieties of seaweed, it is no wonder that many different types of...(Click here to read more)

Japanese Cultural Fact for September

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Yabusame at Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine

Every year from September 14 to 16, a grand festival is held at the Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine in Kamakura, 45 kilometers (28 miles) southwest of Tokyo. The highlight comes on the final day, when a yabusame (mounted archery) ceremony is held. The ritual is a page right out of history, and is a symbol of this ancient city.

In the yabusame ceremony, archers on horseback shoot at three wooden targets about 68 centimeters (26 inches) square and 1 centimeter (3/8 inch) thick while speeding along at full gallop. The targets are placed up to about 80 meters...(Click here to read more)

Upcoming JCC Events

12.09.2023 - 16.09.2023 Pastel Shine Art Exhibition ~ Tapestry of Japan and Singapore Friendship ~

Supported Events

10.09.2023 Urasenke Charity Tea Gathering 2023 - The Choyo Festival: admiring chrysanthemums

Related Events

13.09.2023 - 25.10.2023 A Bridge to the Classics: Japanese Literature Old and New lecture series by Dr. Deborah Shamoon
04.09.2023 - 05.09.2023 NUS-Kanagawa Symposium 2023 @ NUS Centre for Life Science (CeLS) Auditorium, Level 1


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