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Japan Creative Centre

New Wave of Japanese Architecture:
Design, Technology and Education

by Mr Yoshihiko Sano & Dr Motomu Uno

The Japan Creative Centre, Embassy of Japan and Tokyo University of Science are delighted to present a lecture entitled 'New Wave of Japanese Architecture: Design, Technology and Education'. This lecture will include a talk by Prof. Yoshihiko Sano on the 'Urban 'charming' development in Japan: Art and Architecture as dynamics of the city', followed by a talk by Prof. Motomu Uno. A panel discussion will also be held in conjunction with the lecture featuring Mr Yoshihiko Sano, Dr Motomu Uno, Dr Momoyo Gota, Dr Ryohei Kumagai and Dr Akiyoshi Inasaka from the Tokyo University of Science. During the discussion, the panel will be exploring the diverse characteristics and future outlook of Japanese Architecture.


DATE: Friday, 19th December 2014
TIME: 7:00pm to 8:30 pm
VENUE: Japan Creative Centre 4 Nassim Road, 258372 Singapore
* Light Refreshments will be served


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© 2014 Yoshihiko Sano

Mr Yoshihiko Sano is a Visiting Professor at the Tokyo University of Science. He is the President and Principal Architect of Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc.

He served as the Commissary General Director of UIA2011 Tokyo: The 24th World Congress of Architecture and was the former Vice President of the Japan Institute of Architects.


© 2014 Motomu Uno

Dr Motomu Uno is an Architect, Professor and the Chief Director of the Advanced Urban Architecture Research Department at the Tokyo University of Science. Born in 1954, he graduated from the University of Tokyo with a Doctorate in Engineering and founded Motomu Uno + Phase Associates in 1985. He was also a Professor at the Chiba University in 2001.

His works include the Toyohashi East Station Plaza, Makuhari New Urban Residential Block M2-2 and Villa Fujii. He was awarded Best Residental of the Year 2002 at the American Wood Design Award, Design Award of the Architectural Institute of Japan and Jury’s Special Prize of the Japanese Architecture Arts and Crafts Association.


© 2014 Momoyo Gota

Dr Momoyo Gota is an Architect and a Professor at the Tokyo University of Science. She majored in Architecture and Urban Planning.

Her achievements include the Urban Space Analysis of Tokyo, Residential Projects. Two of her works, 'Staircase', a small house in Tokyo and 'Cell House', a house for three families in Sapporo were on the Japan Institute of Architects 100 Selected Works 2011 and 2007 Selected Architectural Designs of Architectural Institute of Japan respectively.


© 2014 Ryohei Kumagai

Dr. Ryohei Kumagai is a Junior Associate Professor at the Tokyo University of Science. He majored in Building Construction, specializing in Rehabilitation and Housing Stock Management.

His major works and achievements include the Knowledge Management on the Rehabilitation Technology of Modern Architecture and Disaster Protection in a wooden density urban area.


© 2014 Akiyoshi Inasaka

Dr Akiyoshi Inasaka is an Associate Professor in the Tokyo University of Science. He majored in Architecture and Urban Planning, specializing in Urban Spatial Analysis and Visualization Research.

His major achievements include the Visualization of Expanding Direction of Retail Distribution in Shibuya and Shinjyuku of Tokyo.


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