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In commemoration of the first anniversary of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, the Japan Creative Centre (JCC) will present a Tohoku Photo Exhibition entitled, “Rebuilding for a Better Tomorrow” from 3rd to 9th March 2012. The Tohoku Photo Exhibition celebrates the awe-inspiring strength and resilience of the people in Tohoku as they rebuild their homes and return to normalcy in the face of adversity – a triumph of the human spirit.

Photographs taken in the aftermath of the mega earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku will showcase the large-scale destruction caused by the disaster and the steadfast recovery of the region in the past year. Drawings by children from primary schools from Fukushima and Miyagi, two of the worst-affected areas, will also be on display. These drawings express the children's hopes and dreams for the future and gratitude for the outpouring of aid from every corner of the world.


1. Opening Ceremony

DATE: Saturday, 3rd March 2012
TIME: 2:00pm to 4.00pm (Registration begins at 1:30pm)
VENUE: Japan Creative Centre, 4 Nassim Road, Singapore 258372

Guests are invited to a special tea ceremony hosted by Chado Urasenke Tankokai Singapore Association to mark the opening of the Tohoku Photo Exhibition. A speech will be presented by Director of JCC, Minister Hiroyuki Yamamoto.

2. Tohoku Photo Exhibition: "Rebuilding for a Better Tomorrow" & Documentary Screening

DATE: 3rd to 9th March 2012 (Closed on 4th and 5th March)
TIME: 10:00am to 9.00pm
VENUE: Japan Creative Centre, 4 Nassim Road, Singapore 258372

In addition to the photo exhibition, 3 documentary movies will be screened daily during the course of the exhibition. They are "Can You See Our Lights? First Festival after the Tsunami", "Fukushima Hula Girls" and "Setting Sail from the Ruins".

Can You See Our Lights? First Festival after the Tsunami:

Japanese summer festivals serve as a time to hold memorial services for the souls of the departed. Although some of the many places devastated by the disaster of March 2011 were unable to hold their colorful and passionate centuries-old festivals, the people of Rikuzentakata, Soma, Minami Soma and some other cities decided to go ahead as usual. The program shows festival committee members busily repairing damaged floats and drums and encouraging the participation of dispersed former residents. What are the thoughts of the people holding these summer festivals? And what do they hope to express in them?

Fukushima Hula Girls:

This is a documentary after the earthquake on March 11th of 2011 in Japan. The main attacked “Iwaki City” has the beautiful resort hotel and facilities called “Spa Resort Hawaiians” which is located close to Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants. After the disaster, everyone, including hula dancers, called “Hula Girls” at Hawaiians, has tried to overcome and re-build the resort for a first step of reconstruction Fukushima. The story tells us how they faced to everyday living with the energy issues and how they struggled until re-opening of “Spa Resort Hawaiians”.

Setting Sail from the Ruins:

Ofunato, in Iwate Prefecture, suffered devastating damage in the Great East Japan Earthquake. Kenichiro Yagi, who sells fish online, quickly rose up from the tragedy along with fellow fishermen. He took the first step toward recovery by resuming fishing from the debris-filled port where many boats had been washed away. This program documents the local fishermen’s road to recovery three months after the disaster.

3. Lecture by Professor Gavin Whitelaw: "After Convenience: Konbini, Culture, and Japan’s Social Infrastructure in the Wake of 3.11" (6 March, 7:00pm)

4. NUS Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Presentation on Tohoku (9 March, 7:00pm)

*Please kindly RSVP your interest in the Opening Ceremony HERE by 1st March 2012. Please register early to avoid disappointment. We regret to inform that as there are limited seating, seats will be confirmed only upon receipt of confirmation email from JCC. ALL EVENTS ARE FREE OF CHARGE.

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