Temari Exhibition & Workshop

24 - 26 November 2016

Japan Creative Centre(JCC)

© Japan Temari Association

The Japan Creative Centre, Embassy of Japan and Japan Temari Association are pleased to present an exhibition on Temari (a traditional Japanese embroidered ball). Be fascinated by the creativity in both traditional and original Temari designs. In addition, workshops will be held over the course of the exhibition period, where participants can try their hand at making this beautiful handicraft. All necessary tools and materials will be provided.

About the Exhibition

Temari started as a pastime, a toy for women and young girls in Japan, dating back to more than a thousand years ago (in the middle of the seventh century). Many regions in Japan have preserved their characteristic Temari. The fascination of Temari lies in the gorgeous beauty of the coloured threads, woven into geometric patterns around the spheres. This brings forth a contemplative atmosphere. Come and see more than 100 unique designs of these colourful Temari. These will include the Temari artists’ original creations which utilise traditional skills, as well as distinct designs from different prefectures of Japan.

Exhibition Period

Exhibition Period:

24 - 26 November 2016

Opening Hours:

Thursday – Saturday, 10:00am to 6:00pm
The exhibition will close at 3:00pm on 26 November 2016


Japan Creative Centre (JCC), Embassy of Japan in Singapore
4 Nassim Road Singapore 258372



About the Workshop

The workshops will teach participants how to make Temari in about two hours, and are intended for people who will be making Temari for the first time. Participants will be given the cores of the balls, on which the partition lines have already been sewn. Lecturers will provide further explanation and help during the workshop, and the necessary materials and tools will be provided.

The workshops are intended for elementary students or older who can use scissors and needles.

Register for the Workshop



24, 25, 26 November 2016
Thursday, Friday, Saturday


2:00pm - 4:00pm
(Registration starts 1:30pm)


Japan Creative Centre (JCC), Embassy of Japan in Singapore
4 Nassim Road Singapore 258372



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Japan Creative Centre

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