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EarthCells -Not A Future For Art, But Art For A Future-
Featuring Ichi Ikeda


© Ichi Ikeda

As the year 2014 marks the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Switzerland, JCC, together with DAW International Festival, is proud to present the art exhibition, EarthCells -Not A Future For Art, But Art For A Future-, featuring the Japanese artist Ichi Ikeda at JCC from 7 – 17 May 2013. This exhibition showcases artworks by Mr. Ichi Ikeda, Switzerland artist group Com&Com and International artist group Curious Minds. Also, we are delighted to exhibit artworks created by Japanese, Swiss and Singaporean children at the workshops under supervision of Mr. Ikeda.


DATE: Tuesday, 7th May, 2013
TIME: 4:30pm
VENUE: 4 Nassim Road, 258372 Singapore

DATE: Tuesday, 7th May 2013 - Friday, 17th May 2013
            (Sundays, Mondays and Public Holidays is closed)
TIME: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
VENUE: 4 Nassim Road, 258372 Singapore

DATE: Saturday, 11th May, 2013
TIME: 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
VENUE: 4 Nassim Road, 258372 Singapore
REGISTRATION FOR WOKSHOP: Click HERE to register (RSVP by 9th May)


About Ichi Ikeda

Ichi Ikeda is an Osaka-born artist, who considers water to be a basic human right and the medium that will help deliver our planet safely into the future. For this reason, he has dedicated the majority of his prolific career to raising global awareness on water issues and conservation through international conferences, community activism, public performance and interactive WaterArt installations.

© Ichi Ikeda | Com&Com | Curious Minds

For this exhibition, several of the projects planned accentuates relations between Japan and Switzerland and have been chosen to intensify the emotional bonds between both countries through cultural exchange and at the same time by highlighting the multi-cultural landscape of Singapore.

As series of works by Ichi Ikeda in connection to the HandFalls work that will premier at the lily pond at the ArtsScience Museum will be shown. Com&Com will be exhibiting two projects, the BLOCH Prints and the BLOCH Films, bringing a sense of nature and tradition into the exhibition. Curious Minds will be exhibiting a collection of playful works titled "Games & Wonderments" which will invite all to join in. The final work and the most central one to the exhibition are the “Earth Cell Paintings”, works created by local children for the exhibition under the motto “Art for the Future” and as a gesture for peaceful and sustainable future.

Games & Wonderments by Curious Minds (INT)
The title makes a reference to a collection of works where the desire to create a state of mind that is more akin to the Curious Minds' intention of kindling a smile through artistic stoking rather covering white walls with art works. Games, stories, and cards, -all recipes for a brief moment of curiosity of wonderment, during a process of "play" Nothing on the wall, but everything none the less on view as proof of a concept, as benchmarks of a friendship, as a concrete but pluralistic exchange tempered by season through season, and finally as a set of collected memories forged into things made from the holy trinity of paper, scissors and glue.

BLOCH Print & Film, Com&Com (CHE)
BLOCH is a global project that unites contemporary art and folk culture and creates a dialogue among various people, traditions, and customs all over the world. The print series was created by literally employing an entire tree trunk and a crane as a printing press. The tree trunk used is central element of the BLOCH project and is positioned on a trailer, pulled in procession and bringing together artists from all the visited stations. BLOCH has made its way from Switzerland over Germany, Taiwan, and China to Singapore, but remains reminiscent of traditions that included nature, customs and folk art.

Earth Cells Works by Children
Today's children are in the best position to act in helping to increase environmental awareness and to show us all that there is a real need to work toward sustainable life on earth. The “Earth Cell Paintings” consist of a collection of hexagonal shaped paintings created by the children, which are exhibited together playfully “linked in prosperity” by combining them into figures of animals, flowers etc. The outreach to the children for creating the paintings is based on Ichi IKEDA’s children’s challenge:

"The earth is alive. Each of us who lives on the Earth is a cell. Each of these cells should become activated and united, so that the Earth and we can grow healthy in the future together."

Earth Cells works by children

Earth Cells Workshop for Children
During the workshop, participants can create paintings with finger paints to create patterns on the hexagonal shaped paper. This can be done alone or as a group and each participant can make one or even more hexagram paintings. After all of the paintings are finished, participants will assemble them together into forms of animal, flowers etc. to create a final organic shape.

The workshop is open to all children from 4 to 12 with diverse activities dependent on age group. The number of participants is limited and participation is on a first serve basis. Parental accompaniment is welcome but not mandatory. The workshop will be run Mr. Ichi Ikeda and members of the DAW staff. The results of the workshop will join the exhibited works under the title “Earth Cell Paintings” and will represent an important part of the EarthCells exhibition.

The EarthCells Project is part of the Digital Art Weeks Festival hosted by the Future Cities Laboratory (SEC), ArtScience Museum Marina Bay Sands, the Japan Creative Centre and swissnex Singapore.

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