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Quartet! (PG)

Saturday, 29 March 2014
(Registration starts at 1:30pm)

Japan Creative Centre invites you to join us at our JCC film screening.

For our 26th session, JCC will be screening "Quartet!". Directed by Junichi Mimura, the story revolves around a dysfunctional family of four that is brought together and unified through performing music as a Quartet.

The production of “Quartet!” was mainly set for filming in Urayasu City of Chiba Prefecture, Japan. It was during the period of filming, that the Great East Japan Earthquake shook the region. Despite the turmoil, the residents of Urayasu helped clear rubble and support with extras in the movie. The completion and success of the film was a reflection of the people’s harmonious spirit, optimism and perseverance for recovery.

As part of JCC's creative program, a sharing session will be held after the movie screening. As the film focuses on music and was produced when the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, we are most delighted to welcome Singer Songwriter Sachiyo, a Singapore based Japanese Singer to share insights on the project that she undertakes to support victims of the earthquake through music. She will also enlighten us on a recovery support concert entitled "Songs from Singapore to Tohoku" held in the disaster-stricken areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake. The project is aimed at using music to mitigate the sorrow of victims.

© 2011 "Quartet!" Project

Film Sypnosis

Director: Junichi MIMURA

2012 / 118 min / Color / English Subtitle

Kai Nagae, a middle school student, is a gifted violinist who is advised by his teacher, to search for his own unique sound. However, he is unable to concentrate on this due to family complications. His parents and older sister have musical background but have neglected those interests due to existing problems. His father, Naoki previously played the piano while his mother, Hiromi, the cello. Both parents met during their music education though both did not pursue a long-term career in the field. His sister Misaki on the other hands plays the flute but has lost touch with the instrument.

Kai fears that his parents may separate due to his father’s unemployment and to unite the family as well as pursue his musical dreams, Kai suggests that his family play a quartet performance at his grandmother’s birthday. Though his father agrees, his mother and sister refuse. Meanwhile Kai is also invited by a mutual friend of his parents to play in the orchestra conducted by a well-known maestro but Kai has other plans

What will happen to Kai's family? What decision will Kai make? Watch the movie to find out more!

About the Guest Speaker

Singer Songwriter, Talent, Music Producer

Born in Tokyo and raised in Singapore. Debut as a professional singer in 1997. The most established Japanese Singer Songwriter based in Singapore. She sings in 4 languages (English, Mandarin, Malay and Japanese) as well as create and perform diverse range of music (Pop, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Ethnic music…etc). Sachiyo is also a renowned musical ambassador between Singapore and Japan, producing and participating in numerous cultural exchange events and projects.

Sachiyo wrote a song "A Song of Life" dedicated to the victims of The 2011 Japan Disaster and produced a CD single from which the proceeds of sales and downloads are being donated to Japan. She also held a recovery support concert entitled "Songs from Singapore to Tohoku" at the most affected area of Japan with Singapore's top musicians every year.


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