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Japan Creative Centre


Udon (PG)

Saturday, 25 January 2014
(Registration starts at 1:30pm)

Japan Creative Centre invites you to join us at our JCC film screening.

For our 25th session and first movie screening of the New Year, JCC will be screening "Udon". Directed by Katsuyaki Motohiro, the light-hearted comedy film speaks about the distant relationship between a strict, no-nonsense noodlemaking father and his ambitious son. The story is set in Sanuki of the Kagawa Prefecture, Japan which is famous for its Sanuki Udon.

As part of JCC's creative program, a sharing session will be held after the movie screening. As the film focuses on Sanuki Udon, we are most delighted to welcome Mr. Akihiko Koga, CEO of Japan Food Culture Pte Ltd, Tamoya, a chain of restaurants serving fresh Sanuki Udon, to come down to share with us his insights on the much loved Japanese cuisine, Udon.

© 2006 Fuji Television Network ROBOT Toho

Film Sypnosis

Director: Katsuyuki MOTOHIRO

2006 / 134 min / Color / English Subtitle

Kosuke Matsui, the son of an Udon Shop Owner, has just returned from New York after failing in his dreams to being a comedian. He achieves just quite the opposite – a mountain of debts.

He comes back to his small hometown which is well known for its Sanuki Udon. While he frets about his dashed dreams, Kosuke joins a magazine company part-time to repay his debts. In his zest to be involved at the firm, his ideas to promote the magazine spark an Udon Boom. The whole magazine team works together to build articles on udon stores around the town, sampling and meeting new people along the way. The company makes a roaring success during the Udon Boom and makes good profits.

In the midst of this, just as Kosuke is able to pay for his debts, he learns that his debts have been cleared by his stern father. Despite being angered with his father taking the responsibility instead of trusting Kosuke to repay his own debts, he learns more about his father and the noodle store. As he becomes determined to take over the noodle business and approaches his father to learn the secret recipe , he finds his father dead in the udon preparation room after being hit by a sudden heart attack.

Distraught by the loss of his father and inability to learn his father’s techniques and secret recipe in his Udon preparation, Kosuke is faced with the challenge of keeping his father’s passion alive.

About the Guest Speaker

Akihiko Koga
CEO, Japan Food Culture Pte. Ltd.

Mr. Akihiko Koga is the CEO of Japan Food Culture Pte. Ltd. (JFC) which hosts Tamoya, a chain of restaurants serving fresh Sanuki Udon. JFC has recently opened 3 outlets of Tamoya in Singapore to offer this much loved cuisine to the international market.


Tamoya is a restaurant opened in Singapore by Japan Food Culture Pte.Ltd. Tamoya is the much famed chain of Sanuki Udon restaurants in Kagawa Prefecture in Japan which never fails to attract large crowds. Tamoya currently has 18 restaurants open around the world, 15 of which are situated in Japan. Tamoya in Singapore seeks to retain the same taste as the outlets in Japan. To ensure this, the noodles and broth are brought in from Japan. Japan Food Culture Pte. Ltd has currently opened 3 Tamoya restaurants in Singapore to present Sanuki Udon to the rest of the world.


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