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In Line With Zen: An Ikebana workshop by Mr Peter Chin

Mr Peter Chin teaching the workshop.
Mr Peter Chin, master floral designer and educator led a workshop at Japan Creative Centre (JCC) on 3rd October 2017 as part of 'IKEBANA, back to basics', an exhibition held by Ikebana International Singapore chapter 135. Madam Yuko Shinoda, and Ms Akiko Sugita, director of JCC, graced the workshop as participants. The two-hour-long workshop was split into beginner and advanced sessions; the beginner session gave students an introduction to the fundamentals of zen, and the advanced session challenged the students to use the fundamentals in a more dynamic way. The class of 22 was enthusiastic from start to finish, and created compelling arrangements that earned praise from Mr Peter Chin.

Madam Yuko Shinoda and Ms Akiko Sugita making their first zen floral arrangement.

Participants discussing during the workshop.

Mr Peter Chin viewing Madam Yuko Shinoda and Ms Akiko Sugita’s arrangements.

Participants choosing flowers for the advanced session.

Mr Peter Chin demonstrating to Madam Yuko Shinoda how to shape a willow branch.

Participants posing with their advanced zen floral arrangement.

Mr Peter Chin posing with Madam Yuko Shinoda and Ms Akiko Sugita, and their advanced zen floral arrangements.

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