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Bunraku Mini-Theatre: A Lecture & Demonstration on Bunraku

The Red-Hot Love - The Fire Watchtower by Mr Yoshida Minoshiro (lead puppeteer), Mr Takemoto Hirotayu (tayu (narrator)), Mr Tsurusawa Tomonosuke (shamisen players) and Mr Tsurusawa Enjiro (shamisen players).
A special lecture and demonstration on Bunraku was held at Japan Creative Centre (JCC) on 22 October 2019 to a full house. The session was started by Mr. Yutaka Fujisawa, President of General Incorporated Association JTPA, who gave an overall introduction of Bunraku, followed by explanations of the three elements of Bunraku, namely tayu (narrator), shamisen player and puppeteer. Ms Yow Wei Meng facilitated the programme and helped to interpret for the performers.

The audience also watched a short performance of The Red-Hot Love - The Fire Watchtower. Mr Yoshida Minoshiro, operated Oshichi as the lead puppeteer, accompanied by tayu (narrator) Mr Takemoto Hirotayu, shamisen players Mr Tsurusawa Tomonosuke and Mr Tsurusawa Enjiro.

The Bunraku performers visited Singapore to present a full performance at Drama Centre Theatre on 22 and 23 October 2019, to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of Japan Creative Centre.

Guests watching the lecture and demonstration.

Mr. Yutaka Fujisawa, President of General Incorporated Association JTPA introducing Bunraku with Ms Yow Wei Meng, Facilitator and interpreter for the event.

Introduction of narrator by Mr Takemoto Hirotayu on tayu (narrator).

Introduction of shamisen player by Mr Tsurusawa Tomonosuke on Shamisen.

Introduction of puppeteer by Mr Yoshida Minoshiro on the puppet.

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