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Bittersweet Harmony ~ Japanese Hand Drip Coffee & Wagashi Demonstration by the Okada Coffee and Sweets Team ~

During the hand drip coffee demonstration
On Friday, 7 June 2019, JCC (Japan Creative Centre) was delighted to host Coffee Specialists from Okada Coffee and Sweets for an exclusive talk and demonstration on Japanese Hand Drip Coffee and Wagashi. The event began with a talk by Mr Yohei Kubota, who is a Coffee Specialist and the Champion of the All Japan Hand Drip Competition 2017. He first explained what hand drip coffee was, after which he did a demonstration which stirred up the interest of everyone in the audience. He then led five volunteers from the audience in a short hands-on session so that they could experience making themselves a cup of hand drip coffee.

Following Mr Kubota’s session, Ms Yoshiko Okada presented an introductory talk on wagashi. Ms Okada is the owner of both Okada Coffee Japan and Okada Sweets Singapore, and is a Coffee Specialist and Patissier with over 30 years of experience. As such, the members of the audience were delighted to watch as she demonstrated making wagashi in three different designs. Five volunteers were also given the chance to make their own wagashi under Ms Okada’s guidance. The Okada Coffee and Sweets team also very generously provided samples of hand drip coffee and wagashi to each member of the audience so that they could experience for themselves the bittersweet yet harmonious pairing of coffee and wagashi.
Audience members watching Ms Okada’s wagashi demonstration

Special utensils for hand drip coffee

Mr Kubota during his talk

During the hand drip coffee demonstration

During the hands-on hand drip coffee session

During the hands-on wagashi-making session

Hand-made wagashi (made by Ms Okada) for the audience members to sample

Audience members trying the wagashi and coffee

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