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Yukata Workshop 2018

Ms Nathlie Ng during her presentation.
Our very popular annual Yukata Workshop was held on 7 July 2018 at JCC (Japan Creative Centre) in collaboration with JETAA Singapore (JET Alumni Association Singapore). Led by Ms Nathalie Ng, guests were taught the history and origins of yukata, and about yukata fashion trends. Ms Nathalie, who along with several volunteers from JETAA Singapore, were dressed in beautiful yukata, and they showed off various accessories, geta (traditional Japanese footwear), and different ways an obi can be tied.

With the help of two volunteers from the audience, Ms Nathalie explained step by step how women and men should put on yukata. After the presentation, there was a hands-on session where everyone got to put on a yukata. Volunteers from JETAA Singapore taught the participants in groups of three and four, and guided them so that they were able to put on the yukata themselves.
Two audience members learning how to put on yukata during the presentation.

Ms Akiko Sugita, Director of JCC, and Ms Cheryl Phua, President of JETAA Singapore, also helped the participants at the workshop.
The audience were enthusiastic about the activity, and many were able to put on yukata quickly and beautifully. Many of the audience members also had questions related to yukata, such as how to sit and walk while wearing a yukata, the appropriate hairstyles and make up when wearing a yukata, and how to buy a yukata. Some audience members were also interested in traditional Japanese dance, and a JETAA Singapore volunteer Ms Yagnya A performed a short dance piece for an enraptured crowd. Three of our JCC Volunteers also came and helped out.

If you too are interested in yukata and Japanese dance, please do join us for the annual JAS Summer Festival (Natsu Matsuri)! This year’s edition will be held at the National Stadium, Singapore on 8 and 9 September 2018, and there will be plenty of food, games, and performances, as well as a Bon Odori for all to participate in. Please click here for more information about the festival: http://www.jas.org.sg/event/summerfes/summerfes_en.html
Group photo.

Ms Nathalie Ng and a volunteer from JETAA Singapore demonstration different types of yukata sleeves.

Ms Nathalie showing geta to the audience.

Ms Nathalie showing handmade kimono and obi to the audience.

Audience members learning how to put on yukata.

Adults and children can enjoy putting on yukata together.

JETAA Volunteer Ms Yagnya A demonstrating Nihonbuyo for the audience.

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