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Savour the Charms of Setouchi ~ Hyogo, Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Ehime, Kagawa ~

During the presentation about scenery.
Savour the Charms of Setouchi was held at JCC (Japan Creative Centre) (Embassy of Japan in Singapore) on Tuesday, 17th July 2018, in collaboration with West Japan Railway Company (JR-West), The Japan Council of Local Authorities for International Relations, Singapore (J.CLAIR), and Silkair. More than 80 guests were present to learn more about the lesser-known sides of west Japan with in-depth presentations on the different prefectures’ local charms. Moreover, it will be easier to travel from Singapore to these beautiful areas, due to Silkair’s direct flight to Hiroshima.

The event was opened by Mr Hitoshi Tahara (JR-West), who touched upon the current situation of Setouchi. Mr Takeshi Fukuda (JR-West) was the moderator of the event. Speakers representing each of the prefectures took turns to present based on the following themes: sake, souvenirs, local food and scenery. The speakers include Mr Kimio Yamatani (J.CLAIR) from Hyogo, Mr Toshihiro Fujita (J.CLAIR) from Okayama, Ms Naoko Hashihama and Ms Chiharu Nobuoka from Hiroshima, Mr Hiroyuki Furuya and Mr Hiroshi Horibe (J.CLAIR) from Yamaguchi, Mr Kota Taninaka (The Iyo Bank, Ltd.) from Ehime, and Ms Tomoyo Ozaki from Kagawa. In addition to the above, Ms Alicia Foo (Silkair) and Ms Kyon Teo (Singapore Airlines) shared more about their available services, including the direct flight to Hiroshima.
During the presentation about local food.

Guests sampling the sake and local delicacies.
At the very end, there was a brief Q&A session for guests to clarify any doubts with any of the speakers. The session was ended with the sure-win lucky draw, and all the participants randomly won a Japan-related prize derived from the prefectures which were featured in the seminar. There was also sampling of delicious sake, muscat, and other local delicacies. Everyone had the chance to enjoy custard cream buns, which were kindly provided by Hattendo, and each guest went back with a goodie bag filled with goodies and information about Setouchi.

Mr Kosuke Otsubo, Mr Kenya Inoue and Ms Natsuki Inoue (Inoue Seikoen) were also present to introduce guests to their olive oil skincare products. Many guests also stayed behind to mingle further with the speakers, and expressed a newfound interest to visit these areas of west Japan.

During the event, it was also announced that JR-West will be working together with Silkair and Singapore Airlines to provide an attractive package which includes a round trip flight, JR pass, accommodation and more. Please do stay updated by following their websites, and we hope that you will possibly mark these places as one of your next destinations in Japan!

Mr Kenya Inoue (Inoue Seikoen) introducing guests to their olive oil skincare products.

Guests browsing the available brochures.
You may check out any of these websites, so as to review the attractions of the various prefectures:

  • Hyogo
  • Okayama
  • Hiroshima
  • Yamaguchi City
  • Hagi City
  • Ehime
  • Kagawa
  • JR West

  • During the presentation about sake

    During the presentation about souvenirs.

    During the presentation by Ms Alicia Foo, Silkair.

    During the presentation by Ms Kyon Teo, Singapore Airlines.

    During the Q&A session.

    During the lucky draw announcements.

    During the lucky draw exchanges.

    The lucky winner of the richly sweet Shine Muscat, together with Mr Toshihiro Fujita (J.CLAIR) from Okayama Prefecture.

    Guests sampling the sake and local delicacies.

    Guests sampling the sake and local delicacies.

    Local snacks and sake which were available for sampling.

    Sake which were available for sampling.

    Delicious custard cream buns from Hattendo which were given out to all the guests.

    One of the lucky draw prizes.

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