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New method of Connecting Japan to the world: Manga Design ~ A Talk by Toshihiko Kira with Manga Me! ~

Mr Toshihiko Kira during the talk.
On 21 July 2018, the CEO of Manga Designers Lab Mr Toshihiko Kira, gave a talk as part of the ongoing exhibition ‘Connecting the World: Manga Design Exhibition in Singapore!’. His talk encompassed topics such as what Manga Design was, and how the Manga Designers Lab have innovated and used Manga Design to inform, advertise, and connect with audiences in Japan and around the world.

Noting that there were young members of the audience in attendance, Mr Kira also stressed the importance of having a flexible imagination. Mr Kira led the audience in a mini-activity during the talk, and prompted everyone to imagine objects that were soft. He then asked everyone what they were imagining and was pleased to see that everyone was different of very different things. Like Manga Design, he says that one should cultivate their imagination to come up with novel ideas that can be easily shared and enjoyed by the world.
Mr Toshihiko Kira during the talk.

Audience members getting their Manga Me! portraits taken after the talk.
Talk participants and visitors to the exhibition were able to take part in ‘Manga Me!’ that day. Visitors had their photographs taken and sent to the Manga Designers Lab’s headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, where they had their manga-style portraits drawn by professional manga artists in Japan. Their portraits were drawn on a Yamato Transport-themed card, and the finished portraits can be downloaded from the Manga Designers Lab’s website at http://mangadejapan.com/.

The exhibition will be on display at JCC from now till 11 August 2018. Do drop by to immerse yourself in the Manga Designers Lab’s world of limitless imagination and innovation. We look forward to seeing you here soon!
More information about the exhibition can be found here: https://goo.gl/bZ7uRV
More information about Manga Designers Lab can be found here: http://mangadejapan.com/

Group photo.

Audience interaction during the talk.

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