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Peranakan Japanese Cuisine Night

Ms Shermay Lee and Mr Tetsuya Yamazaki during the demonstration.
On Friday, 13 July 2018, JCC (Japan Creative Centre) organised Peranakan Japanese Cuisine Night at Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel. Hosted by Ambassador of Japan to Singapore, His Excellency Kenji Shinoda, Peranakan Japanese Cuisine Night aims to celebrate and showcase the common values in Peranakan and Japanese heritage, especially through its food. This event also commemorates the 45th Anniversary of ASEAN-Japan relations, and to honour Singapore’s chairmanship of ASEAN.

The Guests of Honour for the event were Minister for Finance, Minister Heng Swee Keat and CEO of the National Heritage Board, Ms Chang Hwee Nee. Ambassadors of ASEAN countries also graced the event, including the Ambassador of Cambodia H.E. Ngoun Sokveng and his spouse Mdm Kep Pidor, Ambassador of Laos H.E. Khonepheng Thammavong, the Ambassador of Myanmar H.E. Htay Aung, the Ambassador of the Philippines H.E. Joseph Del Mar Yap, the Ambassador of Vietnam H.E. Tao Thi Thanh Huong, as well as representatives from the Malaysian High Commission. Esteemed guests from the Peranakan and Japanese communities were also in attendance to celebrate the event.
GOHs Minister Heng Swee Keat and Ms Chang Hwee Nee seated with H.E. Ambassador Kenji Shinoda and Ambassadors from ASEAN countries, including the Ambassador of Cambodia, the Ambassador of Laos, the Ambassador of Myanmar, the Ambassador of the Philippines, and the Ambassador of Vietnam.

During the demonstration.
After a speech by Ambassador Kenji Shinoda, and by Guest of Honour Minister Heng, the highlight of Peranakan Japanese Cuisine Night began. There were demonstrations by two acclaimed chefs, Ms Shermay Lee and Mr Tetsuya Yamazaki. Ms Shermay Lee, a 6th generation Peranakan, is a food consultant, cookbook author, and founder-owner of Shermay’s Singapore Fine Foods. She demonstrated Roti Jala and Nyonya Chicken Curry, two recipes by her grandmother, cooking doyenne Mrs Lee Chin Koon. Mr Tetsuya Yamazaki who is the Executive Chef of the Ambassador, and has trained at the prestigious traditional Japanese restaurant Kiccho in Tokyo, demonstrated Futomaki and Dashi for the guests.

Their delicious dishes, made with their grandmothers’ precious recipes, were also served alongside various Peranakan and Japanese fare at the dinner reception after the demonstration. A collaboration dish was also served during the dinner reception; Peranakan and Japanese flavours married in a flavourful Kueh Pie Tee, served with Kiriboshi Daikon. Kiriboshi Daikon is dried Japanese radish, which has been simmered with carrots, mushrooms, as well as dashi. This was paired with Shermay’s Cilicuka, a refreshing and tangy chilli that is a must-have topping when eating Kueh Pie Tee.
Special collaboration menu – Kueh Pie Tee with kiriboshi daikon.

KIRIN beer served during the dinner reception.
The event also had the support of Kirin Holdings Singapore, Zensho Holdings, Nihon Closure, Queserser and Company, Takasaki City, as well as the Peranakan Museum, for contributing a video featuring historic images of Peranakans and their culture in Singapore, and Ms Hiroko Tanaka, who exhibited her handmade Peranakan beaded shoes at the event.

GOHs Minister Heng Swee Keat and CEO of NHB Ms Chang Hwee Nee speaking with H.E. Ambassador Kenji Shinoda and chef Mr Tetsuya Yamazaki.

Guests from the Peranakan community, including Mr Colin Chee, President of the Peranakan Association, and his spouse Mrs Linda Chee.

GOHs Minister Heng Swee Keat and Ms Chang Hwee Nee speaking to the event’s supporters.

GOHs Minister Heng Swee Keat and Ms Chang Hwee Nee speaking to the event’s supporters.

Host of the event, H.E. Ambassador Kenji Shinoda during his welcome speech.

Guest of Honour Minister Heng Swee Keat during his welcome speech.

Emcee and translator Ms Misa Miyagawa and Mr Tetsuya Yamazaki during the demonstration.

GOHs Ms Chang Hwee Nee and Minister Heng Swee Keat speaking to Ms Shermay Lee.

H.E. Ambassador Kenji Shinoda posing with the GOHs Minister Heng Swee Keat and Ms Chang Hwee Nee, and chefs Ms Shermay Lee and Mr Tetsuya Yamazaki.

During the dinner reception.

Display of Peranakan beaded shoes made by Ms Hiroko Tanaka and Peranakan cookbooks by Ms Shermay Lee and her grandmother.

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