Japan Creative Centre

November 2014


The Month of October proved to be a dynamic month in JCC with an array of events held in our premises. The beginning of the month started with “Learning from past wisdom to design a better future- An architectural exchange between Japan and Singapore” exhibition. This was followed on by the JET briefing organized by Alumni of the programme itself. Soon after came the JCC Fashion Design Contest and JCC Cinema session. JCC was truly bustling with activity and these events made October a truly lively month.


Message From Director Of JCC

I heard Halloween in the streets of Shibuya and Roppongi were really phenomenal this year. At our centre, nobody really “cos-played” or even talked about it. Instead, JCC was transformed into an entirely different world . Click to Read More


1.1 JET Briefing Programme 2014

On the 10th of October, guests gathered in JCC for a JET programme briefing by former JET participants and members of JETAA. The briefing session churned out a great number of interested participants. Click to Read More


1.2 4th Sustainable Fashion Design Contest

This year brought about the 4th JCC Sustainable Fashion Design Contest and Exhibition. As always fashion has been a big part of the Japan Creative Centre. Once again the colourful and artistic works of the top 10 winners from Japan and the top 10 winners adorned the hallways and exhibition rooms of JCC.Click to Read More


1.3 JCC Cinema 29: HARU's JOURNEY

This month’s JCC Cinema session introduced the film ‘Haru’s jouney’ to all those in attendance. Directed by Kobayashi Masahiro the film features Eri Tokunaga and Tatsuya Nakadai as the main characters. The story begins when Haru (Eri Tokunaga) suddenly finds herself without a job and decides to move to Tokyo where there are more job opportunities. Click to Read More


2 Japanese Cultural Fact Tori no Ichi ( The Festival of the Rooster )

Japan is located in the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere, and it's home to many deciduous plant species whose leaves turn color in the fall, including the maple, ivy, yamaurushi (a type of sumac), and mountain ash. When autumn deepens, these leaves change from green to red and gold. Click to Read More


The Japan Foundation invites individuals and organizations that are planning international exchange projects and activities to participate in programs of the Japan Foundation. The Japan Foundation carries out its programs and activities in the three major areas of Art and Cultural Exchange, Japanese-Language Education Overseas, Japanese Studies Overseas and Intellectual Exchange, as well as Strengthening the Cultural Exchange in Asia. Successful applicants are provided with grants, research scholarships, Japanese-language training programs, and other forms of support.

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Artistic Impressions By Shunji Matsuo



14.11.2014 -16.11.2014




10.10.2014-21.01.2015 Singapore International Violin Competition 2015
05.09.2014-13.12.2014 Naoko Tosa" Space Flower Showcase


Toru Kuwakubo: One Wonderful Day Which Cannot Be Forgotten

100 Yuan (Mao) Launch of LIve Ant Farm

Yayoi Kumasa: Prints At Ota Fine Arts

14.12.2014 50th Anniversary Concert with SYC & Friends