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December 2014


The month of November proved to be an incredibly stylish month for JCC as we welcomed various creative and artistic events. November welcomed “Artistic impressions by Shunji Matsuo”, a creative exhibition which showcased the talents of hair stylist Shunji Matsuo. JCC also lent its support to a variety of events such as the Asian Couture Federation gala dinner, Opening ceremony of Happy Pancake Café and Traditional Japanese Paper Drama Kamishibai by Mr Nomarin. JCC was also visited by distinguished guests such as the J-S Symposium Delegation, Yamagata Prefecture Governor and Ikubunkan Global High School students. Do check out our coverage of these events to see what happened!   


Message From Director Of JCC

How nice it is to be blessed with all cheerful Christmas decorations along Orchard Road during my commute to JCC every day! I am especially delighted to know that these LED street ornaments have been provided by a Japanese corporation, Hitachi, for the past 24 years. These lights certainly create an ambience of seasonal festivities to people in Singapore. Click to Read More


1.JCC Events


1.1 "Artistic Impressions" By Mr Shunji Matsuo

The "Artistic Impressions" Exhibition by Mr Shunji Matsuo was held here at Japan Creative Centre (JCC) from 1st November untill 13th November 2014. On the 31st October 2014, Opening Ceremony was held here at JCC. This event was a huge success with lots of guests and press attending it. A fashion show was organised which made the event very special. Click to Read More


1.2 PARO at Museum 2014

On 4th November 2014, Japan Creative Centre (JCC) and MAD Museum organised a Lecture coneningthe robotic seal with a therapeutic effect by Dr. Takanori Shibata. Dr. Takanori Shibata, Chief Senior Research Scientist at National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan and Visiting Fellow at AgeLab of MIT, the US, gave a lecture about PARO.

This year, Dr. Shibata spoke about his entrance into Singapore’s healthcare markets including nursing homes and day care service centres for Alzheimer patients. As a therapeutic robot PARO is made from the latest technology and Japanese design perspective.

Dr Shibata also explainied how PARO has been appreciated in Europe, US and now in Singapore. In addition, Dr. Shibata will also be explained the effects PARO has on patients and what makes him so endearing.

1.3 Global Community Day By Global Connect Village

On 7th November 2014, Japan Creative Centre (JCC) was invited to be part of Temasek Polytechnic’s Global Community Day 2014 (as Japan's Workshop). With the kind support from Ms. Sakai Namiko, the Director of HIBIKIYA, as the lecturer, we conducted Japanese Yukata wearing session, to provide an opportunity for participants to learn the proper way of putting on the Yukata and tying the Obi (belt).

Participants were also be able to try their hands on a wide variety of traditional Japanese toys such as Kendama (cup-and-ball game), Koma (spinning top) and well as Origami (paper folding). All participants enjoyed the Workshop and learned Japanese traditional culture !


1.4 Traditional Japanese Paper Drama Kamishibai by Mr. Nomarin

On 30th November 2014, Japan Creative Centre (JCC) and The Japanese Association, Singapore organised the event of  “Traditional Japanese Paper Drama Kamishibai by Mr. Nomarin”, in cooperation with the National Library Board (Tampines Regional Library and Sengkang Regional Library). Click to Read More


2. JCC Supported Events


2.1 Fide Fashion Evening ( Asian Couture Federation Gala Dinner )

The 25th of November proved to be a rather fashionable and stylish evening as the Asian Couture Federation Awards Gala Dinner was held at Marina Bay Sands. The event featured many prominent individuals from the fashion industry in one place. Click to Read More


2.2 Opening Ceremony of Happy Pancake Café

On the 25th of November 2014, the opening ceremony of Happy Pancakes Café was held at 10 Square of Orchard Central by Mr. Alvin Tay, Chairman of BT BAF (The Business Times: Budding Arts Foundation), Mr. Colin Goh, CEO of the Rice Company Limited and Ms. Kyoko Hasegawa, Director of Little Creators.

This ceremony was supported by The Embassy of Japan in Singapore. His Excellency Haruhisa Takeuchi and Madame Takeuchi attended the ceremony H.E Takeuchi made a speech in celebration of the opening of Happy Pancakes Café.

This new café was initiated to support both socially and financially disadvantaged youths in Singapore and Japan. Guests from both countries graced the occasion and were welcomed by the wonderful melodies of the Shamisen, a traditional Japanese instrument.


3. Visits


3.1 Courtesy Call to His Excellency Haruhisa Takeuchi, by Ms Terai Chikage

On 13th November 2014, Ms Terai Chikage , Noh dancer from the esteemed Terai Family in Japan, paid a courtesy call to His Excellency Haruhisa Takeuchi. Ms Terai was in Singapore for 3 weeks and gave lectures in Lasalle College of the Arts during her stay here in Singapore .

For those who will be in Japan in the early part of 2015, MsTerai will be performing in the first father-daughter Noh performance of the Terai family.



3.2 Visit to JCC by J-S Symposium Delegations

On the 21st November 2014, J-S Symposium Delegations visited the Japan Creative Centre (JCC). Director of JCC, Ms Misako Ito, explained the history of JCC and its recent activities.


3.3 Visit to JCC by Yamagata Prefecture Governor

On the 22nd November 2014, Governor of Yamagata prefecture, Ms Mieko Yoshimura visited the Japan Creative Centre (JCC). Director of JCC, Ms. Misako Ito, explained the history of JCC and its recent activities. Ambassador of Japan to Singapore, His Excellency Haruhisa Takeuchi and Madam Takeuchi also joined in to meet with the governor during her visit.



3.4 Visit to JCC by Ikubunkan Global High School Students

On the 31st of October 2014, Ikubunkan Global High School students visited the Japan Creative Centre (JCC). Mr. Kinoshita explained the functions and role of the Embassy and JCC.


4. Japanese Cultural Fact For December


4. Japanese Cultural Fact Mochi Tsuki

Mochi-tsuki, or pounding rice to make mochi (rice cakes), is an important traditional event in preparation for the New Year. It's usually performed at the end of the year, from around December 25 to 28. Click to Read More




1. The 80th Birthday of Her Majesty the Empress

Empress Michiko celebrated her 80th birthday on 20th October 2014. You can see the record of the 80 years of Her Majesty's life in this movie link. Click to View


2. Japanese Washi Paper is now listed in UNESCO Intangible Heritage List

On 27th November 2014 (Japan time), ‘Washi” traditional handmade paper was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list a move expected to help Japan publicize its culture overseas and encourage such crafts to be inherited in the country.

The registered products are Hosokawashi from Saitama Prefecture, Honminoshi from Gifu Prefecture and Sekishubanshi from Shimane Prefecture, where craftspeople are preserving the traditional techniques to make paper by hand, using only mulberry fiber.

Japan has so far won 22 Intangible Cultural Heritage registrations, including “washoku” traditional Japanese cuisine. The overall number will not change despite the latest development because the heritage status for Sekishubanshi, given in 2009, will be taken over by washi


3. Dr. Ei-ichi Negishi’s Public Speech

On 28th January 2015, Lecture “The Power of Metal Catalysis Transition for a Prosperous and Sustainable 21st Century” by Prof. Ei-ichi Negishi, who got the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2010. will be held in Biopolis.

Click to Read More



4. Opinion Poll: 2014 U.S Image of Japan

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs contracted with Nielsen Consumer Insights Inc. to conduct an opinion poll by Harris Poll on the image of Japan in the United States from July 31 to August 21, 2014. This poll is the latest in a series of similar opinion polls conducted almost every year since 1960.

For the “general public” group, telephone interviews were carried out with 1,003 adults aged 18 and over who live in the United States. For the “opinion leaders” group, telephone interviews were carried out with 200 people in leading positions in the fields of government, business, academia, the news media, religion and labor unions. (The margin of sampling error is plus or minus 3% for the “general public” group and plus or minus 7% for the “opinion leaders” group, at a 95% level of confidence). Click to Read More



5. Points-based System for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals

In order to promote entry of highly skilled foreign professionals, a points-based system that provides highly skilled foreign professionals with preferential immigration treatment was introduced on May 7, 2012.

The activities of the highly skilled foreign professionals are classified into three categories: “advanced academic research activities,” “advanced specialized/technical activities,” and “advanced business management activities.” According to characteristic features of each category of the activities, points are set to each item, such as “academic background,” “professional career,” “annual salary,” and the like.

If the total points reach a certain number (70 points), preferential immigration treatment will be granted to the relevant person, with the aim of promoting the acceptance of highly skilled foreign professionals in Japan.
Click to Read More


6. Asia Leadership Fellow Program (AFLP) 2015

ALFP Secretariat welcomes your interest in applying for the Asia Leadership Fellow Program 2015. Please note that the application deadline is Monday, January 5, 2015. Click to Read More


Science & Technology Information In Japan


1. Launching of New voyager “Hayabusa2" into the Space (by H-IIA F26)

H-IIA F26 with the Asteroid Explorer "Hayabusa2" onboard launched at 1:22:04 p.m. on 3rd Dec 2014 (JST) from the Tanegashima Space Center. The rocket flew smoothly, and, at about approximately one hour, 47 minutes and 21 seconds after liftoff, "Hayabusa2" was separated from the H-IIA F26. Please Click on the link for more details of Launch of Hayabusa2/H-IIA F26 Live Broadcast . Click to Read More



2. "Ready to Face New Challenges - Hayabusa2- " movie by JAXA

The new video clip titled "Ready to Face New Challenges -Hayabusa2- " was uploaded to the YouTube. It's been four years since the Hayabusa's dramatic return from space. Click to Read More


3. Poster Of Astronomical Telescope

This poster is described about “ASTRONOMICAL TELESCOPE “based on International Year of Astronomy 2009 (400 years anniversary since Galileo Galileicarried out astronomical observations with a telescope.) You can use this poster. However before you use it, please see the attention below.


 All Posters was made by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan. Concerning PDF versions that you downloaded from the website, if you want to use them by individuals or when you want to distribute them free of charge(in small quantities), please use freely. However, you cannot add or alter the poster itself. And when you want to distribute them free of charge in large quantities by using the original data and you want to distribute them for commercial use, you need the permission of MEXT.



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