Japanese Language Schools in Singapore

  Do not start from scratch in Japan. Acquire as much basic Japanese as possible while you are in Singapore. There is no lack of Japanese-language schools or classes here. And there is a large Japanese population in Singapore, numbering more than 25,000. With a sound grounding in basic Japanese, you will find it easier and less stressful to learn the language when you actually set foot in Japan.

Japanese language school receiving Japan Foundation grant:

JCS (Japanese Cultural Society) Japanese Language School
112 Middle Road #05-00
Midland House
Singapore 188970
Tel: 6338 3428, 6338 8964
Fax: 6339 0328

Other Japanese language schools
Please refer to the Yellow Pages or the classified ads in the daily newspapers. Community Clubs/Centres

The People's Association also conducts Japanese classes at various community clubs and centres.