The Way of Tea, a Chado Lecture and Demonstration at Ambassador’s Residence (Report)

  On 20th of June, Embassy of Japan and the Japan Creative Centre organized The Way of Tea, a Chado Lecture and Demonstration with Mr Soukaku Kurakazu, Deputy Tea Master from Urasenke at Ambassador Suzuki’s residence. This special event was able to come to fruition because Mr. Kurakazu, a regular guest on NHK’s program of ‘Shumi-Yuyu’ flew all the way from Japan to Singapore for the auspicious occasion of the 20th anniversary of Chado Urasenke Tankokai Singapore Association.

During the lecture at Ambassador’s residence, he explained the history of Chado in words that were easy to understand on the topics of how Japan’s unique way of tea had been established after tea was imported from China. After Mr. Kurakazu’s demonstration, representatives from the audience had the opportunity to make tea. All the participants had a wonderful experience in trying out Japanese tea-making for the first time. The lecture & demonstration was very well received by the audience.