Public Lecture "TICAD V and Business in Africa"(Report)

  The Embassy of Japan in Singapore organized the lecture titled “TICAD V and Business in Africa” by Professor Sadaharu Kataoka, President of Waseda Institute of International Strategy, at the Japan Creative Centre on March 22nd.

The audience from both private and public sectors, including officials of the Singaporean Government and African embassies in Singapore, attentively listened to his lecture.

What is TICAD:
TICAD, the Tokyo International Conference of African Development, is a summit-level conference on African development that was initiated by Japan in 1993 to promote high-level policy dialogue between African leaders and development partners. TICAD has been held every 5 years. TICAD V, the 5th Tokyo International Conference of African Development, will be held in June 2013.