Lecture Cum Demonstration of Ryukyu Hata-gashira & Ryukyu Shishimai

  On February 25th, "Ryukyu Hata-gashira kai" and "Sueyoshi-Cho Shishimai Preservation Council" from Okinawa conducted a lecture cum demonstration for 360 primary 1 to 3 students of the Japanese Primary School at the Clementi campus and 400 secondary 1 to 4 students of Hwa Chong Institute. (“Ryukyu” is the ancient name for Okinawa prefecture of Japan.)

The students were enthralled by the powerful and amusing performances of Hata-gashira flag pole dance and Shishimai lion dance. They have developed a better understanding of the Ryukyu culture through the demonstrations as well. Several teachers and students were invited by the performers to hold the flag pole of 8 meter long and weighing 50kg! The audience also had a great time interacting with the “lion” of the Shishimai lion dance.

Both groups performed 4 times in the NATAS 2011 travel fair from February26th to 27th. The audience was very excited to watch the Ryukyu traditional cultural performances!