Rakugo in English -Lecture & Demonstration
(Pre-event of the Japan Creative Centre)

  On 22 and 23 September, the Embassy of Japan and the Japan Foundation organised “Rakugo in English- Lecture & Demonstration” at Jubilee Hall (22nd) and at a local school Anglo-Chinese Junior College (23rd).

At Jubilee Hall

JCC Goodwill Ambassador Ms Dawn Yeoh and Mr Katsura

The performer, Mr. Katsura Kaishi (a recipient of the Ministry of Culture Award for Cultural Exchange), not only performed Rakugo but he also explained how various characters in a Rakugo story were expressed and the history and cultural background of this traditional Japanese art. The audience was thoroughly entertained by his wonderful performance, breaking out in laughter from the beginning to the end of his performance. After Singapore, Mr. Katsura will visit the Philippines and Brunei to continue his Rakugo performance tour.

At Anglo-Chinese Junior College