Ukiyo-e woodblock prints exhibition “Music Families”
The Opening ceremony of the Ukiyo-e woodblock prints exhibition “Music Families” was held at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute on 9th January.

STPI Chief Printer, Eitaryo Ogawa explaining Master woodblock carver Shoichi Kitamura's printing process to the crowd. (c)AhSam Photography

The works exhibited were masterpieces produced by the collaboration of Mr Wilson Shieh from Hong Kong (artist), Mr Shoichi Kitamura (carver) and the STPI (printer). Four Ukiyo-e works under the theme of “harmony of human bodies and musical instruments” and the carved woodblocks used in the process of printing works were exhibited. The carving demonstration by Mr Kitamura also fascinated many visitors.

Guests admiring carved woodblocks mounted in this exhibition which were used during the printing process. (c)AhSam Photography

The exhibition will run until 30th January 2009.