Manga Lecture and Demonstration by Mr Seiji Iwami

  The “Manga Lecture and Demonstration by Mr Seiji Iwami” co-organized by the Embassy of Japan and The Japanese Association was participated by about 70 Singaporeans who learnt some basic points about Manga illustration from Mr Iwami. The sessions were held at the following venues:

10th March (Tue.), Tanjong Pagar Community Club
12th March (Thurs.) NTU Japanese Appreciation Club

(Profile of Mr Seiji Iwami)

Born in Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture, in 1960. He received the “New Hope Cartoonist Award” from the Manga Times, a four-frame comic strip magazine in 1981 and became a regular cartoonist for the Manga Times and other sister publications. In 2000, he successfully accomplished portraits of 2000 people in two weeks during “Japan Week” organized by the Consulate-General of Japan to Jeju-do, Korea. He has also performed and lectured in other regions in Korea, as well as Turkey, Singapore, etc.