Briefing on "Current Siutation of Nuclear Accident"

  The Embassy of Japan in Singapore jointly with JETRO Singapore held a briefing to provide updated information and clarification on the accident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Planton 13 May.  In the briefing, representatives from the Japanese government explained the current situation in Japan including, radiation levels in and around the major cities and safety of food and tourism in Japan. Over 200 people from the Singapore government, business community and the media attended the briefing.

  1. First, Ambassador Suzuki renewed his sincere appreciation to Singapore for the support and solidarity shown on behalf of the government and people of Japan, and explained that the objectives of the briefing was to provide accurate information about the status quo and measures taken by the Japanese Government.

  1. Mr Sato, Vice President of Nuclear Energy Safety Organization (JNES), updated the audience on the latest situation regarding the nuclear reactors and radiation levels in and around the major cities, and Japan’s effort in dealing with the disaster.
  1. Dr Umezawa, Head of Chancery and Counsellor of Embassy of Japan in Singapore, provide key information about the safety of Japanese food products and transport and travel safety in Japan, This was followed by a briefing on the impact of Japan bound tourism and revival plan for tourism by Mr Adachi, Executive Director of Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Singapore.
  1. There were some questions from the floor regarding alleviating procedure of the Certificate of Origin for food products, greater assurance about sightseeing in Japan, details of the revival plan for Japan bound tourism, situation of electric power supply and demand in Japan, levels of radiation for industrial products, and so on.