Japanese Cultural Festival at Tampines East Community Club

  On 10th and 11th July, the Embassy of Japan, the International Traditional Artists Association (I.T.A) and the People’s Association (PA) co-organised the “Japanese Cultural Festival” at Tampines East Community Club.

Five workshops comprised of Hina Doll-Making, Washi Art (Japanese Paper-cutting), Furoshiki (Japanese Wrapping), Sho (Japanese Calligraphy) and Clay Art were conducted. The Japanese lecturers guided and interacted with the participants in an atmosphere filled with fun and humour.

The Japanese Dance Performance & Kimono Fashion Show was held at the hall to introduce the Japanese traditional costume, Kimono with an intriguing lecture about the etiquette in the Edo Period (1603-1868).  The exhibition which showcased various artworks including Temari (thread balls), Saga Nishiki (traditional brocade from Saga prefecture), Furoshiki (wrapping cloths) and Hina Dolls was also well-received from the visitors.

The Japanese Cultural Festival was held successfully with the assistance of Singaporean interpreters and kimono models. The 2-day festival contributed to promote further cultural exchanges between the Japanese artists and Singaporeans.  

About I.T.A
The International Traditional Artists Association (I.T.A) was established in 1980, with the purpose of improving the standard of Japanese handicraft artists, enhancing studies on the Japanese traditional costumes and promoting cultural exchanges in overseas. Over the years, I.T.A has organised various events in many countries including Singapore, France, Belgium and Cambodia. I.T.A visited Singapore twice in the past to introduce the Japanese culture.