Ceremony for the Inauguration of “Youth Ambassador for Tohoku”


The Ceremony for the Inauguration of “Youth Ambassador for Tohoku” programme was held on 12th July 2011at The Japanese Association, Singapore. The “Youth Ambassador for Tohoku” programme provides 100 Singapore university students, the next generation Singaporeans, the opportunities to visit Tohoku, the region recently hit by earthquake and tsumami, and receive briefings from those engaged in reconstruction efforts as well as to experience volunteer activities and exchange views and ideas with local university students.

The programme is designed to strengthen the basis of our excellent bilateral relationship by providing opportunites to the Singaporean youth first-hand experience of how Japan is trying to recover from the disaster. The Embassy supports the programme through the JENESYS Subsidy Scheme for Educational Tour. The ceremony, which was attended by all students participating in the programme, commenced with a speech by Ambassador Suzuki, before continuing with a declaration from student representatives to express their resolve for the programme.