Enshuryu Tea Ceremony at Ambassador’s Residence (Report)

  On August 23rd, Ambassador Suzuki organized a tea ceremony with the presence of Mr. Sojitsu Kobori, the 13th Grand Master of Enshu Sado School was held at the Ambassador’s residence. Singapore’s Foreign Minister, Mr. K. Shanmugam and his wife, Dr. Seetha together with Chairman of National Heritage Board, Mr. and Mrs. Ong Yew Huat attended the special event.

The tea ceremony was held in a pleasant atmosphere. Mr. Sojitsu Kobori graciously provided insight to the questions posed by Minister Shanmugam and the guests. He also explained in details about the spiritual essence of Chado and the purpose of each utensil used in the tea ceremony. This event provided a great opportunity for Singaporean guests to gain a deeper understanding of Japan’s traditional culture Chado, the way of tea.