Events held in relation to the 20th Anniversary of Enshu Sado School at NUS

  Events in relation to the 20th Anniversary of Enshu Sado School at NUS were held by the delegation from Enshu Sado School of Japan and students/graduates of NUS Sado Club.

On 27th August, a lecture titled ‘Sado as a Comprehensive Art Form-Kerei Sabi of Enshu Style’ by Mr Kobori Sojitsu, the 13th Grand Master, was held at the Auditorium of Shaw Foundation Alumni House in NUS. The Lecture, accompanied by a demonstration, was attended by about 250 people. They were served bowls of tea after the lecture and savoured in the opportunity to experience the magical world of Enshu Style Tea.

On 28th August, the Enshu Style Tea Ceremony Demonstration was held 5 times at Japan Creative Centre. About 280 attendees and observers were briefed about the art of tea and its style by NUS students while viewing a demonstration and tasting the tea.

There were also sessions held for children. The Grand Master explained the importance of appreciating the food and the server, considering others, waiting in patience until it was one’s turn and expressing these feelings in words. Children learned some Japanese expressions, for example “Osakini shitsurei shimasu. (Please allow me to drink/eat first.)”, “Gochisou sama deshita. (Thank you for the delicious tea/sweets.)” which were used during the tea ceremony.