Presentation by Mr Masao Kosuge, President of the Asahiyama Zoo
(Pre-event of the Japan Creative Centre)
“Asahiyama Zoo in the Snow!! (Efforts to revitalize a public zoo)”

  On 1st March, Mr Masao Kosuge, the Director of the Asahiyama Zoo (located in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido), gave a presentation on “Asahiyama Zoo in the Snow!! (Efforts to revitalize a public zoo)”. Approximately 130 visitors attended this presentation.

Prior to the presentation, an MOU was signed between Mr Kosuge and Ms Fanny Lai, Group CEO, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, for future cooperation between Asahiyama Zoo and Singapore Zoo, followed by a speech by Ms Fanny Lai, who explained the purposes of this MOU, and the importance of wildlife protection.

At the presentation, Mr Kosuge gave a detailed explanation on the unique demonstration method, called as a “behavioral exhibition”, showing Amur Tiger, Yezo Raccoon Dog, Penguins, Seals with their pictures and videos. He also mentioned that the mission of the Asahiyama Zoo is to highlight the importance of nature and the protection of wild animals, through the impressive informative exhibitions to the visitors.

After the presentation, participants were invited to savour Asahikawa "la mian" noodle.