Visit to Mr. Minorikawa, Parliamentary Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan by Mr. William Tan, Deputy Director, ASEAN Directorate, MFA

  Mr. William Tan paid an official visit to Mr. Minorikawa on 9th September 2008 during his visit to Japan at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Mr. Minorikawa congratulated Singapore for its role as the Chairman of ASEAN and stressed the importance of Japan-ASEAN relations.

Mr. Minorikawa spoke of the need to set up an Asian property protection system using the experience from the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, referring to the sluggish global economy which was caused by the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

Mr. Tan expressed his gratitude for the invitation, and assured that ASEAN acknowledges the importance of property protection in Asia and discusses the establishment of such a system. Mr. Tan also acknowledged Japan as an important partner in this field, referring to the role which Japan played in the 1997 Crisis.

They also discussed current Asian regional economic situations and other issues.