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Ikebana, The Art of Arranging Flowers
Sato, Shozo

Diagrams and photographs help readers develop arrangements of their own while Sato's overview of the history of this disciplined art form allows for a deeper appreciation of Ikebana.

Hokusai, Genius of the Japanese Ukiyo-e
Seiji Nagata

The aim of this book is to present a more balanced picture of Hokusai's achievement, a selection ranging over the whole oeuvre that will give some idea of the strength, the delicacy, and the fabulous inventive powers of this truly universal genius of the ukiyo-e.

Contemporary Japanese Ceramics: Fired with Passion
Lurie, Samuel J.

Ceramics in Japan are some of the oldest in the world: the Jomon Period of Japanese history (14,000 - 300 BC) is named after rope patterns found of pottery from that era. This book studies modern Japanese ceramics in the light of this legacy.



For centuries, Japanese art has been largely influenced by foreign cultures. First, by Chinese styles and cultures, and later by Western techniques and artistic values, Japanese art imbibed the aesthetics and technology that these influences had to offer. However, after World War II, Japanese art rapidly gained its originality and Japanese artists found an indigenous expression that is uniquely their own in their contributions to world art.


Nitschke, Gunter   Japanese Gardens: Right Angle and Natural Forms
Tanaami, Keiichi   Keiichi Tanaami 'Kochuten'
Fahr-Becker, Gabriele   Japanese Prints
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