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After the Crash: Architecture in Post-Bubble Japan
Daniell, Thomas

An architect who is able to write for the layman, Daniell offers explanations and insights into Japanese architectural design after the crash.

Super Potato Design: The Complete Works of Takashi Sugimoto
Locher, Mira

"We do not live only with clear-cut forms; rather, we exist in a world of forms that are often indistinct and vague." — Takashi Sugimoto



Throughout much of Japan’s history, traditional Japanese architecture is characterized by wooden single-storey structures. This continued until the mid-19th century, when the influence of Western architecture saw Japanese turn to two-storey and taller houses.

In the 20th century, some of Japan’s most prominent architects looked to their roots and combined traditional Japanese architecture with modernism, creating an architecture style much like an abstract painting. 


Graham, Cooper  Project Japan: Architecture and Art Media Edo to Now
Futagawa, Yukio  Kengo Kuma Recent Project
Oshima, Ken Tadashi  Arata Isozaki
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