Introducing Japan through JCC & Manga Design
~ Communicate JAPAN ~
~ A Manga Exhibition by Manga Designers Lab in celebration of JCC10 ~

5 - 19 October 2019

Japan Creative Centre (JCC)

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Come to Japan Creative Centre (JCC) and indulge in the world of Japanese Manga at Introducing Japan through JCC & Manga Design ~ Communicate JAPAN ~, a manga exhibition by Manga Designers Lab from Japan in celebration of JCC10. The exhibition, which will run from 5 to 19 October 2019, will not only showcase Japan and Japanese culture, but also the high-edge services and concepts Japanese companies can provide to society, through manga design. The highlight of the exhibition is a 'moving manga design panel' that features the history and past events of JCC. Please do not miss the chance to see this new type of manga design that has never been introduced before!

About Manga Design® and the exhibition

In an increasingly digital and globalised world, Manga Design® serves as a platform through which traditional analogue practices and the essence of “Japaneseness” can thrive. Manga Design® is a way to maximise communication by applying graphic design practices and elements of advertisement to Japan's signature and original design.

It has the ability to transmit overwhelming information quickly through the creation of characters, develop stories freely and dramatically, and promote difficult ideas through such simple stories that can be understood easily. Such non-verbal communication is especially important in the face of declining birth rates and aging population.

© Manga Designers Lab

© Manga Designers Lab

Originating from Japan, Manga Design® is now coming into the spotlight as a new means of presentation that transcends language and is aiming to establish itself as a world class quintessential representation of Japan for the future.

This is the second time Manga Designers Lab is holding an exhibition at JCC. Last year, a series of manga-style caricatures featuring various ASEAN Foreign Ministers featured as part of Connecting the World: Manga Design Exhibition at JCC were presented as an official gift to all the ministers on the occasion of the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on 1 - 4 August 2018. It played an important role in strengthening the friendly relationship between Japan and ASEAN.

Exhibition Period

Exhibition Period:

5 - 19 October 2019 (Tuesdays - Saturdays)
Closed on Mondays, Sundays and 15 October (Tuesday)

Opening Hours:

10:00am to 6:00pm


Japan Creative Centre (JCC), Embassy of Japan in Singapore
4 Nassim Road Singapore 258372



About the Founder & CEO

Mr. Toshihiko Kira joined Dentsu, Inc. after graduating from Sophia University's Law School. He then worked in the magazine division after spending time in creative media and sales. He also planned media strategies for many luxury brands and companies, and was also the producer for several sports and cultural events, such as Richard Branson's Trans-Pacific Hot Air Balloon Flight Expedition, and magazines designed and produced for two FIFA World Cups (Italy 1990, Japan-Korea 2002) with Ryu Murakami.

In 2004, Mr. Kira established Target Media Solution, which focuses on education, coaching, and business in China. He lectures mainly in China and Japan at Japanese Expat Society in Beijing, Embassy of Japan in China, and Shanghai Commerce and Industry Club. Around the same time, he established Manga Designers Lab. in 2011, which pioneered a new market for the manga medium. Now, he works as the overall producer for advertisements using Manga Design®, a method of utilising Japanese comics and culture as a form of communications solution for businesses.

He is also currently the Acting Selection Committee Council Member for the Dentsu Advertising Awards, and speaks at universities such as Osaka University of Arts, Waseda University and Communication University of China.

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Where is Japan Creative Centre (JCC)?

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4 Nassim Road Singapore 258372
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Japan Creative Centre

4 Nassim Road, Singapore 258372
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