JCC Cinema Weekend Marathon

13 October 2018 (Sat), 5pm - 7pm


14 October 2018 (Sun), 6pm - 10pm


JAPAN RAIL CAFE, Tanjong Pagar Centre L1 Urban Park
5 Wallich Street #01-20 Singapore 078883

13 October - JCC Cinema: Weekend Anime Marathon with Makoto Shinkai

5 Centimeters Per Second (PG)

13 October (Sat), 5pm - 7pm


Makoto Shinkai / 2007 / 63 min / Color / English Subtitles

Takaki and Akari became best friends after transferring into the same elementary school. However, the two are separated following their elementary school graduation. As they placed their feelings for each other behind them, time simply passed by. Then one snowy day, Takaki is about to be reunited with Akari. As he sits on the train from Tokyo, memories of the past rush through Takaki's head, his meeting time with Akari drawing ever closer. Join Takaki on a journey into three interconnected tales of love and lost innocence that span the minutes and months of their lives.

© Makoto Shinkai / CoMix Wave Films

Voices of a Distant Star (PG)

13 October (Sat), 5pm - 7pm


Makoto Shinkai / 2002 / 25 min / Color / English Subtitles

Mikako Nagamine and Noboru Terao were close friends and members of the same club activities in middle school. In the summer of 2046, Mikako told Noboru that she was chosen as a Select Member of the United Nations Space Army. Mikako left the Earth the following year, while Noboru went on to high school in Japan.

Separated by space, they tried to stay in touch by mobile mail. However, as Mikako goes further out in the solar system on board the Lysithea spaceship, Noboru becomes increasingly frustrated as it takes longer for them to receive each other's mail. As time goes by, the Lysithea fleet soon approaches a time warp, a situation that makes both Mikako and Noboru acutely aware of the time gap that might separate them...

© Makoto Shinkai / MANGZOO / CoMix Wave Films

The Garden of Words (PG)

13 October (Sat), 5pm - 7pm


Makoto Shinkai / 2013 / 46 min / Color / English Subtitles

It was the start of the rainy season in Tokyo when Takao Akizuki, a 15-year-old student and aspiring shoemaker, skipped his morning class to do shoe sketches in the garden at Shinjuku Gyoen, he encounters the 27-year-old Yukari Yukino, who was avoiding work and seems adrift in the world.

Despite the age difference, they began to have an unusual relationship as they continue to encounter one another in the same garden on rainy days. However, as the rainy season is coming to a close, there are still so many things left unsaid and undone between them. Will there be enough time for Takao to put his feelings into actions and words?

© Makoto Shinkai / CoMix Wave Films / TOHO Animation

14 October - JCC Cinema: Weekend Special

Chibi Maruko chan (G)

14 October (Sun), 6pm - 7:30pm


Tsutomu Shibayama / 1990 / 94 min / Color / English Subtitles

Chibi Maruko chan is the nickname of a sweetly obnoxious 9-year-old girl. She tricks her grandfather, ponders for hours over how to spend her allowance, and hates sitting next to ugly boys. She talks, feels and lives just as real kids do.

As the second term commences, Maruko and her classmates return to their small groups. Maruko’s group includes two naughty boys and Maruko is forced to be one of their subordinates. She seems to face a lot of pressure at school.


Robo-G (PG)

14 October (Sun), 8pm - 10pm


Yaguchi Shinobu / 2012 / 111 min / Color / English Subtitles

A movie by writer-director Yaguchi Shinobu, who has produced a string of hits including Happy Flight with his unique viewpoint and outstanding comedic sensibility. Mickey Curtis (Kamikaze Taxi), credited as Igarashi Shinjiro, gives a wonderful performance as a stubborn old man in his first starring role.

Consumer electronics company employee Kobayashi (Hamada Gaku) is ordered to develop a bipedal robot, but fails miserably. He comes up with a plan to pass off a human in a suit as a robot, and finds an elderly man named Suzuki (Igarashi) who fits inside the suit perfectly, but...



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