JCC Cinema Outdoor Screening by
Japan Creative Centre (JCC)

17 August 2019 (Sat), 7pm


18 August 2019 (Sun), 7pm


JAPAN RAIL CAFE, Guoco Tower L1 Urban Park
5 Wallich Street #01-20 Singapore 078883

17 August: Children who Chase Lost Voices

Children who Chase Lost Voices (PG13)

17 August (Sat), 7pm


Makoto Shinkai / Colour / 2011 / 116 min / English subtitles

Asuna is a young girl who has been forced to grow-up quickly due to the death of her father and spend her days listening to mysterious music from a crystal radio which she received as a memento. On the way to her favourite mountain hideout, she is attacked by a fearsome creature and later saved by a young man named Shun, who came from a faraway land called Agartha.


Asuna then comes across a boy that resembles her saviour at her hideout, and eventually finds out it is his brother Shin, who is being chased by a group of men after his Clavis, the key to Agartha. With the entrance to Agartha before her eyes, Asuna makes up her mind to see Shun once again and together, they set out on a journey into a land of legends…

18 August: Shodo Girls!!

Shodo Girls!! (PG)

18 August (Sun), 7pm


Ryuichi Inomata / Colour / 2010 / 120 min / NTV / English Subtitles

Satoko Hayakawa (Riko Narumi) is the captain of the calligraphy club at her high school and has won many awards in various exhibitions. In her family, Satoko has always had to please and win the approval of her father, who is a professional calligrapher, which has gradually become stressful for her.

© NTV 2010

Kana Shinomori (Nanami Sakuraba), who is the best friend of Satoko and the vice-captain of the calligraphy club, appeals to Satoko that she wants to win a team prize for the club after putting in 3 years of effort. However, Satoko is reluctant about working as a team, which at the same time felt depressed over Mio Oakazaki (Rio Yamashita) who had quit the calligraphy club.

Then one day, Hiroto Ikezawa (Nobuaki Kaneko) comes to their high school as a substitute teacher, who is also appointed as the advisor of the calligraphy club, but appears to have no interest in teaching its members. Nevertheless, when Satoko and the members saw Hiroto performing in front of the school by fluidly writing a large script with background music, the calligraphy club begins to undertake a new direction.


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