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Kiseki (PG)

Saturday, 18 May 2013
(Registration starts at 1:30pm)

Japan Creative Centre invites you to join us at our JCC film screening.

For our 20th session, JCC will be screening "Kiseki", also known as "I Wish" a Japanese film written and directed by Hirokazu Koreeda, who won Blue Ribbon Awards (Best Film and Best Director) for his film Nobody Knows in 2004. This heartwarming film was starred by two real-life brothers; Koki Maeda and Oshiro Maeda, who also won the "Best New Actor" award for the 2012 Osaka Cinema Festival. The film was also charted as the best film of the 2011 TAMA Cinema Forum.

As the Japanese trains have an important part in this film, after the film screening, we are delighted to welcome the director of East Japan Railway Company of Singapore, Mr. Yutaka Nomoto, to share with us some insight of the the Japanese Shinkansen (Bullet Train) and railway system.

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Synopsis of Film

Director: Hirokazu Koreeda
Cast: Koki Maeda, Oshiro Maeda, Nene Otsuka and Joe Odagiri

2011 / 128min / Color / English Subtitle

Two brothers are separated after their parent's divorce. Older brother Koichi (Koki Maeda) lives with his mother (Nene Otsuka) and grandparents in Kagoshima. Younger brother Ryonosuke (Oshiro Maeda) lives with his father (Joe Odagiri) in Fukuoka.

Meanwhile, the Kyushu trainline connecting these two cities is nearing completion. A rumor spreads that when the bullet trains first runs (one coming from the north and one coming from south) and at the exact moment the two trains crosses paths energy is released and wishes will be granted to those that witness the event.

Koichi hears of the rumor and implements a plan with his younger brother to reunite his family ....

About the Guest Speaker

Yutaka Nomoto
Executive Director, Singapore Office
East Japan Railway Company

Mr. Yutaka Nomoto joined East Japan Railway Company (JR East) in 1989. He has long experiences in the Signal and Communication field. He was in charge of implementing ATOS (Autonomous Decentralized Transport Operation Control System) in Tokyo Metropolitan area. In 2008 he became Manager of Signal Network System Dept. of Tokyo Branch Office. In 2010 he became Deputy General Manager of Information Systems Planning Dept.

In March 2013 JR East opened its Singapore Office to promote overseas railway projects and lifestyle business in Asia while strengthening information gathering and marketing capabilities, in which he became Executive Director of Singapore Office.

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